The 100: Fog of War
December 4, 2014 10:15 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Tensions run high between Clarke and Finn, and Raven discovers that Mount Weather is interfering with Camp Jaha's communication systems. Meanwhile, Jasper and Monty discover the truth about what's going on at Mount Weather and Octavia comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare.
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This was a strong episode.

Camp Jaha: Clarke and Bellamy are making plans to sneak out of camp and go for Mount Weather, much to the dismay of Abby and Major Byrne. Abby seems both mad at Clarke and a little proud of her. Raven discovers the jamming signal, which wins Abby over- they'll mount an expedition.

Everyone is mad at Finn for committing a massacre for no reason, and he keeps saying dumb things like "Why is everyone mad at me" and "I did what I had to", which helps his case none whatsoever.

Murphy makes a brief appearance, and it is beautiful. Murphy is not mad at Finn, or about anything really, because Murphy gives no fucks.

In the woods they get split up into three groups.

Clarke and Finn: Finn picks up a gun and everyone looks at him funny for it. He is mad about this. "What do you think I'm going to do?" Well, you did just murder half a village for no reason, so who knows. He storms off in a huff, and Clarke follows. Acid Fog comes, and they hide in their old sex cave, which now has a dead grounder in it, courtesy of Finn. Clarke is unhappy about the dead grounder in their old sex cave. Finn is starting to realize that this whole "everyone is mad at me for killing everyone" is something maybe he should take seriously. There is a lot of thoughtful staring. Finn gives Clarke her Dad's watch, which he took off the dead grounder whose body is lying in their old sex cave, where they are. Clarke has feelings about this.

Bellamy, Octavia, and two random soldiers: The soldiers are sent to stop Bellamy and Octavia from sneaking into Mount Weather. This might have worked except the Acid Fog interrupts. They hide in an old parking garage. It's dark and spooky. Octavia carries a sword everywhere now because she's the best. They split up into a group of named characters and a group of redshirts. The redshirts find a thing that plays creepy christmas carols, and decide to make it play creepy christmas carols for them. This ends poorly for them.

Our named characters hear it ending poorly for them and come to investigate. Because they are better at fighting than two trained soldiers, it does not end poorly for them, and the Reapers are quickly handled, except that one of the Reapers is Lincoln. Lincoln is incapacitated and captured instead. Okay.

Abby and Raven: Abby and Raven are great. Abby is confused by big, technical words like "encrypted", because she used to live on a space station. Raven breaks the encryption, and wins arguments by telling Abby what Clarke would do.

Mount Weather: Creepyness abounds! Doctor Battlestar and Evil Son want to put the 47 in cages too, but President Evil is not *that* evil. He'll ask nicely.

Asking nicely doesn't work until Maya reveals that they'll end up in cages. Turns out, everyone in the place knows about the caged grounders, but no one talks about it. She was okay with that until she realized that someone nearly killed her on purpose. President Wallace suspects his son, and tells him so, with threats. Because they don't want to be in cages, some of he 47 "volunteer" and hope Clarke will rescue them before the cages come.

Grounder camp: Jaha and Kane are still chained up. Kane is very ready to sacrifice himself, as always. Jaha says no. That goes on for a while and is pretty great. The girl turns out to be the commander, which is probably predictable but I still did not predict. Looking forward to more of her. They rough Jaha up a bit and send him back to camp Jaha with a message: leave in two days or die.

Next week should be fun.
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This was a strong episode.

Yeah. I would agree. Good recap, too - that was fun to read. :)

I felt like this episode really showcases what's good and bad about The 100.

On the positive side, the character work is pretty great. The Clarke/Finn/Raven love triangle - if it can even still be called that - is the first time a love triangle hasn't annoyed me in possibly forever. Everyone's reactions to Finn feel pretty spot on, from uncomfortable acceptance on the part of most of the people (who hate Grounders anyway), to utter revulsion from Clarke. Clarke's reaction to the watch and the dead body were great.

I also like how they're handling Murphy. He comes across as a textbook sociopath, like someone actually did some homework. His complete inability to understand why there are still hard feelings about his murder spree feel spot on based on anecdotal experience.

Finally, while I don't believe President Evil is blind for a second - legally blind, sure, but not full on, 'the world is total darkness' blind - his scenes were lots of fun, and give a better sense for how someone like him is holding onto power.

Also on the good, I love the continuing use of women as Grounder leaders. I saw the reveal coming a mile off, but I can forgive Kane and Jaha for missing it - they were beaten, exhausted, etc.

On the bad side of stuff, the 'Adults Are Useless' thing keeps getting cranked up. At this rate, What's Encryption Abby, (my new inner nickname for the character), is going to end up the poster child for it on TVTropes. If nothing else, I may put her there myself. The redshirts were also particularly egregious this week.

Anyway, fun stuff this week. Looking forward to the next one, which is always a good sign.
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I love that all the Grounder leaders are lethal, desirable women. Mount Weather poaches their strongest and most intimidating males for reaper duty; makes sense that if their leader was captured, they would want her to seem non threatening and be kept alive for breeding purposes. Meanwhile, she could use her wiles and battle skills to free herself and gather intel to take back to her Grounder commanders.

The idea of weaponized femininity is very practical in post-apocalyptic Earth, as is training children to kill. The element of surprise is always an advantage in wartime, which is ongoing for all groups in this show.

Ugh poor Olivia! Born illegally, raised under the floor, loses both parents, dropped on an irradiated world and meets the hottest guy alive only to lose him to brainwashing, forced addiction and cannibalism. As fucked up as everyone else is, she is the one I feel sorriest for... I hope the show finds a way to patch up Linctavia's ship. She and Raven are my favorites, despite the Bellarke chemistry.
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I'm sooooo behind, but working on it.

This was a good episode. It appears that they're setting up Mt. Weather for an epic implosion or end. They're a privileged people who have knowingly been surviving like vampires off the blood of innocents, forcing same said innocents into becoming lunatic cannibals to harvest them more innocents, and are willing to "sacrifice" their own for the own goals. If this doesn't scream, "Mt. Weather is GOING DOWN" then I don't know what does. Interesting that it was also revealed that they were behind the poison/acid gas (that's what Abby and Raven conclude, right?")

The President was kind of rehabilitated in his stance on the 47, but he's also a goner. In a pragmatic, what about the cultural treasures of humanity, I hope when Mt. Weather goes down, their archives survive full of the art, etc.

Poor Finn. Dude goes on a rampage to save his lady and gets no respect. The massacre wasn't necessarily a massacre in the sense that he shot people tied up, he was rushed and freaked out. One would expect he would explain this, at least.

I'm a bit disappointed in the adults dropping like flies. How many security personnel have they loss so far? Off the top of my head I think there's been at least ten to fifteen. And, how many adults survived the drop in Camp Jaha? Hrm.
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Jesus, the nameless grown ups in this show are really really useless.
It's almost like they are trying to kill everybody off who came down from space, save our original youngers plus five or six main grown ups.
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