Deserving of the Name: aka Live Up To Your Name, aka Myeongbulheojeon, Season 1
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Pushed together by twists of time, a Joseon doctor and a cardiac surgeon overcome their 400-year divide as they learn and heal through each other. (Netflix, tvN Korea)
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I haven't watched any full-on Joseon-era kdramas yet, and decided to make this time-travel Joseon/contemporary kdrama series my gateway.

I'm not much of a believer in acupuncture, but in a show where a magical needle box can send a person traveling through time, I'm willing to buy into the premise that acupuncture can have life-saving results, or that an acupuncture needle can be pushed all the way through a person's limb without causing any severe pain and injury, and can be removed without bleeding.

Anyway, I enjoyed this. Nam-gil Kim is a terrific lead. He does all the dramatic angsting I've come to expect from a kdrama romance hero, but he's also got a really fun adorkable goofball side. And he's handsome enough to pull off the Joseon period look, the scruffy fish-out-of-water look, and the contemporary makeover look. The heroine was kind of irritating at the start (like, there's a line between 'she's a badass' and 'she's mean', and they were way over on the mean side, so much shoving and kicking of poor hapless Heo Im), but I liked her character arc, and the romance was good once it got going.
posted by oh yeah! at 7:49 PM on April 2, 2020

Mod note: A few comments deleted; let's please keep Fanfare as a space for discussion of the show's content by people who have watched it. If folks want to have a discussion about acupuncture, that'd be more appropriate for a thread on the blue instead.
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