Mystery Science Theater 3000: ROBOT HOLOCAUST   Rewatch 
April 9, 2020 12:38 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Rewatch! One of the best season one episodes, and at the time/for a while the newest movie MST had done (the turnaround time was but three years), a bunch of people in goofy costumes traipse around a city park somewhere on a journey to the power station ruled by the eeevil Dark One and his second-in-command Valeria, who speaks her Rs as Ws like Elmer Fudd and the Homestar Runner. An amazingly silly movie, released directly to VHS. Previously. This episode will be a Sunday show. MST Club news inside--

We're beginning to do a second, shorter show a week during the COVID-19 social isolation, beginning at 7 PM Eastern time on Sundays, in addition to the Thursday shows at the same time. In this video room here.
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This is probably the only Season 1 that stands with the later episodes.
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Also the theme music melody is the same as Laserblast.
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Episode airs tonight (Sunday) at 7 PM Eastern, in the video room.
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