Leverage: The Top Hat Job
April 10, 2020 10:04 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The team employs very unusual methods to infiltrate a corporation that has been selling tainted food to the public.
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"For the last time, there is no blueprint fairy."

Indeed. And what is available irl is usually hideously inaccurate.

Nate sliding deeply into being a raging asshole again.

Not sure, but Hardison's phone might have been a Nokia N97 with cg on top?
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I do not understand why Nate insisted on being the magician, a job he is clearly terrible at.
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Every smart person is stupid about *something*.
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Nate has a weakness for silly hats and you just know he secretly loves playing ridiculous characters.
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Kung Fu Monkey - LEVERAGE #206 "The Top Hat Job" Post-game: "#206 was a light, comedic change-up. Our guest writer, M. Scott Veach, had come in as a freelancer and pitched a very different "magician" story than how the episode finally laid out. Coincidentally, Tim had mentioned that he'd love to play a magician sometime. I am loathe to do an episode even close to a freelance pitch without involving the writer -- and you gotta buy two a year anyway -- so we called Scott in and the story was room-broken. (Tell the truth, I was off banging away at Ep 207 for a chunk of it, so my contributions to the story are limited generally to the CEO-in-a-box run, and the hijacked phone gag). The room can take credit for how much you enjoyed the episode, and Scott did a remarkably fine job during his visit. Not easy, coming into a tiny room that hovers at a constant 85 degrees filled with people who've spent ten hours a day for the last year and a half sitting in those goddam chairs.

I'd done a series of these horrible "state-of-the-company" shows back when I was a stand-up -- including one where they announced layoffs just before I got on stage -- and Albert Kim had attended a bunch while he was working his Time-Warner day job. Once we had the con format, it was just a matter of assigning roles. FWIW, Hardison chose his role in the con based on his love of Jonathan Creek."

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