Vagrant Queen: Nobody's Queen
April 11, 2020 5:48 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Elida deals with the life she left behind. Isaac and Amae find themselves in dangerous territory.
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Do we know what year in Earth time Isaac is supposed to be from? I feel like he's supposed to be from a future in which regular space travel exists rather than a Farscape 'present-day-human zapped through a wormhole to a space-faring galaxy' situation, but then they drop pop culture references like MacGuyver and I don't know.
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I don't know for sure, but I also kinda feel like the show might not be super worried about that kind of anachronism? Like they maybe just wanted to make the MacGayBar joke.

One thing that I'm enjoying (disclaimer: queer folks in my cheerful media make me really happy and I'm basically always rooting for everyone to be queer) is that it feels like they're setting up this potential romance between Elida and Amae, but after the scene at the end by the fire, it also kinda feels like independent badass fighter Elida is the one who might be feeling more feelings and sidekick Amae was more like "I'm glad we talked but also I'm going to bed now with that person over there," which isn't how I would necessarily have expected that dynamic to be playing out.
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Heads up: SyFy is no longer uploading new episodes to youtube (and in fact deleted the ones it had already uploaded there), so you'll need to use the SyFy website instead if you can get it to work.
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The whole "we're the only ones who use the creepy mind control device responsibly" thing is a neat bit of self-justification on the part of the monarchy. Was Isaac just too drunk to remember the rebels talking about the mind control device, or does he have some other self-serving bastard reason for not immediately warning Elida?
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