Friends at the Table: PARTIZAN 14: Deception in the Canyon City & 15: Divine Attention
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Eager to refill their coffers, Kal'Mera Broun has brought Society of Banners and Bright Returns to meet Kesh noble (and HORIZON commander) Gucci Garantine, who offers the group a daring opportunity to both make some money and get access--however temporary--to some Stel Nideo state secrets along the way. 

Broun gets political.

Valence takes up smoking.

Thisbe goes for a jog.

Austin, Allie, Janine, Andrew.
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At first I was kind of weirded out by the monotheist direction they're taking but literally every season they've done has been mostly about the relationship between regular people and divinity- divines, Samothes, later the Samtheon and the rebirth of the divines, now the end of the Samtheon and the surpassing of the divines. Could be good, we'll see.

Also what the fuck is Valence. This is supposed to be the low-magic season and now you're a magical robot come on.
posted by fomhar at 8:58 PM on April 13, 2020

I just went back and listened to COUNTER/Weight for the first time, which makes me really hope Valence isn't another robot who is secretly a Divine. Although, the idea that beyond known space there's a whole civilization of Divines is an interesting one, especially when you compare it to this season's focus on a monotheistic idea of Divines.

I continue to really like Beam Saber. I liked the Mech Noir portion of COUNTER/Weight and the way they do damage by applying adjectives. I'm glad that Beam Saber carries that forward by not just having a generic "harm" clock but giving each harm done a description.
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