Mystery Science Theater 3000: MOON ZERO TWO   Rewatch 
April 15, 2020 10:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Rewatch! On Thursday [4/16]: It's class warfare on the moon! A working-day moon savager is hired by rich-guy "Hundred Percent" Hubbard to help them crash a meteor made of gemstone on the moon. Problem is, the plot on which they crash is already claimed by a miner, Wild West style. Nefarious schemes are afoot up there in no-atmosphere zero-G. An okay movie made ridiculous by things like scantily-clad moon dancers and a board game called (groan) "Moonopoly." It's still Season One, but the riffing has improved a lot by this point. Three more episodes until Season Two! Previously.
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I think this is the episode that one of the writers (Kevin?) said he had zero memory of.
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Yep, that's in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide entry (quoted in previous post) on the movie. I think it's one of the better Season One episodes, but is often forgotten about.
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You gotta bang on it with a wrench!
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Show is, as usual, at starting at around 7 PM Eastern.
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Apparently I was wrong during the chat and Moonopoly is about the only Monopoly variant Hasbro has not yet produced.

A google image search suggests that people are divided between whether Moonopoly should be a moon-themed game, or cow-themed game.
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