Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Lights Out
April 24, 2020 10:12 AM - Season 7, Episode 13 - Subscribe

In the season finale, the entire squad is on alert when a blackout hits Brooklyn.

Jake and Charles pursue a variety of crimes and emergencies, starting with the car crash that triggered it all, while Terry distracts Raymond as they're trapped in the elevator and a very pregnant Amy does her absolute best to run everything in their absence (with help from Rosa), all before an even bigger obligation takes hold of her.

A very well-structured story all around (in my opinion). As pointed out by LaToya Ferguson at the AV Club, this is the first finale in the whole show to not end in something approximating a cliffhanger.
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Raise your hand if you sensed that the explicit mention of vodka in the passenger seat was a red herring.


"Yeah, I'm hearing your creepy sniffs."

"Really? Well I'm smelling a lot of jealousy coming from your direction."


For all the great moments, my personal highlight was the drunk partygoer Kayla just nodding along to Jake's phone conversation before interjecting about her missing shoe. So understated, like she figures she's in a totally normal situation and Jake is probably a friend she forgot about.

The runner-up: "Babe, we're on page 53!" "I know!" "I rode a horse!"
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I am an old, because I thought pedal pubs had to be made up, but not only are they a real thing, they even exist in my city. Huh.

Can't believe Amy agreed to name the baby McClane!

I would like someone to teach me 90s hip-hop dance moves to distract me from our current stressful reality, please and thank you.
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ROSA: Jake, I think it's cool that you learned all this. Very progressive. Charles, I think you know you've crossed a line.
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Also: there are just so many reasons I cannot believe that Pedal Pubs are legal.
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Can’t get enough Lt. Peanut Butter? Rewatch S5E6 and S1E13 (not on Fanfare).
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I felt like Jake in last week’s episode—watching Holt and Terry dancing for Amy was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Rosa was amazing in this and I cherish her friendship with Amy. It’s so unusual and just great to see women allowed to be friends that particular way.

Dottie was delightfully hideous.
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Not to contradict Auntie Ro-Ro, but not realizing when he's crossed a line is kinda Charles' whole thing.
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Ah this was my favourite episode of the season, I laughed so hard. I’m also surprised Amy agreed to McClane!

Melissa Fumero did an IGTV on Jake and Amy’s baby journey.

Andy Samberg and showrunner Dan Goor spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about writing a new season in the time of covid.
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Now that I think about it, who's next in line if Holt, Jeffords, and Santiago are unavailable? I think everyone else is a detective or lower, so if they go by seniority it'd be either Hitchcock or Scully, right?
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Loved all of it except for the 6 month old baby supposed to be playing newborn McClane.

okay the baby probably wasn't 6 months old but DEFINITELY wasn't a newborn and I get why they don't use newborns for filming but my god that was SUCH a large baby
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It seemed like the baby got bigger every time they showed it.

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Personally, I think I've seen enough "rush to deliver the baby!" TV. Do something different - like a really LONG birth where everyone waits for news and there are shenanigans in the precinct or something. I appreciate Melissa Fumero and I thought she was great, but the just in time dad concept does not interest me at this point.

I have NOT seen enough Holt/Jeffords dancing though. The video Terry Crews posted on twitter was beautiful. Lots of serious focus on Andre Braugher's face.

I guess it was nice that Jake said outloud the thing a lot of us are thinking "I mean, you're a grown man with your own hopes and dreams, right".
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I really enjoyed every part of this episode that didn't have Jake (conveniently he was always with Charles, the other character I don't care so much about). The dance was amazing. I really like the continuing evolution of Rosa and Amy together. The birthing suite was a lovely touch. I am entirely horrified that they named the kid after Die Hard.
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I assume there must have been some kind of crazy, season one bet hijinks behind the name (and Amy lost).

Rosa was, as always, very funny. My favorite was when she wordlessly took out her phone to capture the majesty of Captain Holt doing the "Push It" dance.
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I think everyone else is a detective or lower, so if they go by seniority it'd be either Hitchcock or Scully, right?

Yeah, but you know those guys would immediately hand off responsibility to literally anyone else at the first opportunity.
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I have a special appreciation for this show ending its season with the accidental but totally on point line "Now everybody go wash your hands." Can't wait for this to come back, whenever it does finally get to come back.
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A Canadian version is in the works ...
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Now fully expecting the show to dance around the possibility of a Bruce Willis cameo next season. Not totally opposed to such a sighting (have him come on as David Addison Jr. from Moonlighting instead!), but it's the kind of thing that will distract me until it happens or it doesn't.
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Too bad Bruce Willis is such a humorless crankbox these days.

That dancing was solid gold.
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