Murder, She Wrote: Sticks and Stones   Rewatch 
December 6, 2014 6:53 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Sheriff Amos Tupper has decided to retire and hands his badge over to local real estate man, Harry Pierce. Harry soon has a suspicious death on his hands, when the heir to valuable coastal land, Beverly Gareth, is found electrocuted in her bathroom. Soon after, Cabot Cover is flooded with anonymous letters, stirring up trouble between neighbors and friends, and it all comes back on Sheriff Harry's desk. Jessica and Amos check back in and lend a hand, trying to solve the murder and figure out who set Cabot Cove in such a tizzy.

With the help of her sudden house guest, travel writer Michael Digby, Jessica tries to find a connection between of developers who may have been interested in a prime piece of waterfront land Beverly owned.
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There's a lot to love about this one. I like how it uses the Cabot Cove small town setting with the poison pen letters. It also successfully does that thing that is pretty common in the Inspector Morse/Lewis series where seemingly disparate plot threads combine for the solution as well as the Michael Digby character who provides a lot of distraction so that the solution both works and also might come as a little surprise.

And the solution is pretty great: “You don't know how much I wanted to be wrong" is my favorite kind of ending to mysteries when used sparingly. (The show would be a misery if every murderer was somebody Jessica was close too.)

Also really great: that we've never had a thread tagged "BathroomAccident" before.
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Still catching up...

I was just as sad as Jessica that Harry was the murderer, simply because John Astin is so likeable.

My new phrase for p'shaw is BILGE WATER, thanks to Lee Meriwether.
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