One Magic Square Vegetable Gardening
May 1, 2020 12:31 PM - by Houbein, Lolo - Subscribe

Lolo Houbein has 40 years’ worth of gardening wisdom to share—on how to coax an abundance of organic food from a plot that is just 3 feet square!

  • Sustainable, cost-effective, and creative techniques: how to compost, save water, troubleshoot weeds and pests, create a plant-friendly microclimate, and more
  • Over 40 themed plot designs, from antioxidant-rich and anti-cancer plots to salad, pizza, pasta, and stir-fry plots
  • Encyclopedic information about every crop in every plot
  • Tips on drying, freezing, pickling, and other ways to get more value and enjoyment from your homegrown produce
  • And her irresistible gardening philosophy (“If herbs wanted to be used frugally, they would also grow frugally. But they don’t!”)
Ever encouraging, often charming, and always practical, this expanded second edition of One Magic Square Vegetable Gardening will help first-time gardeners get started—and help veteran gardeners get results—on a small, easy-to-maintain plot. No actual magic is required!

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Ooh I haven't read this, but thanks for posting this! We are reevaluating our garden strategies in our new(ish) house now that we've been here a year and we realize how shady most of the yard actually is, and how much of it is eaten up by the septic system pipes that aren't supposed to have anything put over top of them, so I have added this to my list to check out.
posted by skycrashesdown at 7:32 PM on May 1, 2020

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