Supergirl: The Missing Link
May 11, 2020 3:28 AM - Season 5, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Supergirl and her team fight against Rama Khan and Leviathan; Lena and Lex work together after Project Non Nocere fails.
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Non Necere felt like a bait for a main plot that never materialized fully and was only a plot device to get Lena back to Kara, and while I would be mad about it otherwise, compared to the complexities of Lex's plans, I gotta give the writers credit for committing Lena to a very long plot device. It works basically because Lex treated it like a little side project just to get his sister to be on his side, and the Lena's emotional payoff was very good.

I know all the shows are getting cut short this season, so it feels like the finale next week is coming too soon. I wish we had more fleshed out stories about Leviathan and their internal politics.
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Find her sister's cat? Really that's the excuse Kara gave before running off? I thought she had felt so guilty about lying about her supposed grandmother's death that she had sworn off baldfaced, stupid lies again. What would have been wrong with, "That was Alex/Nia/. She's needs me to come over./Has some information that might help"? Or even, "Sorry, I've got to take this call. A source called me back"? Now, they're going to either get Alex a cat or constantly lie whenever they get asked about how the cat is doing.
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