MCU Movie Rewatch in Chronological Order
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Sooooo since I have a bit of time on my hands, I figured I'd catch up on the MCU movies. (I haven't seen all of them, but most.) I rewatched Captain America and realized that there wasn't a FF post and put that up earlier this week. Would anybody be interested in a chronological rewatch/first watch of the MCU movies? Is that a thing that we've done before? How would that work anyway? Would we just add commentary to any existing FF posts? Chronological-order list pulled from here.
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I don't have a real opinion on a rewatch, as Endgame pretty much 'How I Met Your Mother'-ed me on the MCU, but, you should add 'mcu_club' to the tags of this and the Captain America thread, so they get added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe club page.
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I'd be up for that. Not sure if I already have access to all the movies (either streaming or hard copy) but I'll pipe in on the ones that I do.
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One of my bigger concerns is if people haven't seen the movies and are doing a first watch, then the mid- and post-credit scenes will contain spoilers if watching in chronological order rather than release order.

But I also don't know if there are a lot of people who've never seen the movies (or have only seen a few) that would be doing a first watch anyway. But that should be decided upon if that's the plan because it will be hard not to see things in the earlier set movies and not make connections to where they'll come back later. So will spoiler discussions be allowed or not?
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I'd like a rewatch, but I'll admit I've never seen much point in the MCU chronological order. It's pretty much just "release order, but you stick Captain America and Captain Marvel at the beginning". And the post-credits scenes for both those movies move their settings forward to where they sit in the release order, shortly before Avengers 1 and Endgame respectively.
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