Mystery Science Theater 3000: RING OF TERROR   Rewatch 
May 13, 2020 8:52 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Rewatch! On Thursday: Puma? Puma! An unflappable med student so irks his prospective fraternity brothers that they arrange for an initiation where he must get the ring off the hand of a corpse. John Carradine thinks back on the event and laaaaughs. Most of the episode is just lead up, making for a pretty boring experience. Fortunately we have three wisecracking intermediaries to help make the film watchable. Previously
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Yeah, this is a really dull movie.
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Tonight [Thursday] it's time for MST Club! We're showing Ring of Terror, as we've been doing lately as broadcast with commercials and everything. We show other movies too and random things. The show starts at 7 PM Eastern Time (that's 4 PM Pacific), the episode itself at 9, and it generally lasts for about six hours(!) in all. This all happens at
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It was a smart choice of June Carter to switch up the lyric from "boring ring of terror" to "burning ring of fire"
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