Psycho-Pass: Those Who Cast Stones
December 8, 2014 7:12 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The episode opens with the MSWPB tangled in a battle with civilian-controlled drones, through the "Hungry Chicken" mobile game. Akane figures out Kamui's intention behind this event, while Shion and Sho Hinakawa try to handle the mobile game-controlled drones, further stressing out Mika.
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The show is up to the 9th episode, so I'll post the 7th episode discussion on Wednesday, 8th on Friday, 9th on Sunday. I'm not sure when the next episode will air, or how many there are in this season.

As for this episode: I get that Akane is looking for true justice to be administered, and she's not one to find justification in killing (even when it means saving the life of someone else), but why not shoot the boat? Then there's a better chance that Kamui wouldn't get away with those 8 dominators, and MSWPB could get back (whatever is left of) Shisui!
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