Rude Tales of Magic: [NEW Miniseries!] Come At The King: Chapter 1
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While the original Rude Tales gang waits out quarantine in Stirfry’s pocket (no food), here's a tale from Cordelia's mysterious past: COME AT THE KING, a miniseries set 500 years before the events of Rude Tales!
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As revealed to Newsweek of all places, Rude Tales will be pausing the main campaign until they can record together again.

This has potential for sure, intro episodes can drag but I still laughed out loud a bunch, especially at Smellulus's demand to do his boss's taxes. The characters all seem engaging and I'm looking forward to seeing how the players adapt to new roles. Some seem similar while others should let them stretch out in new ways.

(Apologies again for gaps in posting, podcast listening has been thrown off without a commute. I will endeavor to get them up more quickly in the future, and if you are looking for a post please feel free to make one yourself!)
posted by yellowbinder at 12:16 PM on May 21, 2020

I'm in - seeing the roll switcharoos after becoming familiar with the players will be a lot of fun.
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"Snake Professional", fuck, Branson did it again. What demon did he do a deal with to get these NPC-naming powers?
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I love the idea of a chaotic neutral tiny harpy.
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Deely (Deeli? Dealy?) is 100% my favourite character in this series. Just pure impulse with no regard to consequences.
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