Run: Trick
May 24, 2020 8:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

With the end of their journey approaching, Ruby and Billy consider their future together. Meanwhile, Babe and Laurel are forced together as they follow a new lead. (Season Finale)
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Overall, the series left me underwhelmed. While the chemistry between the leads was excellent, and the various characters compelling, the narrative itself didn't do them justice. It feels very written, as opposed to naturally flowing.

The oddest part is that neither Billy or Ruby has friends, or at least someone other than Fiona or Laurence for either of the leads to talk. They've both going through something incredibly major and no one seems to be looking for them at all.

The premise was good and had me and the wife hooked. But the actual exploration of who Billy and Ruby are and what they mean to each other didn't happen. Instead, we had a lot of oddball plot points thrown in to prevent that from happening, probably so that there can be a season 2.

All that said, I really liked how they ended things, with Ruby not feeding into what Billy needed or wanted and coming into her own a little bit with Lawrence. Just wish we had seen that a few episodes ago.
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I agree the pacing was odd, overall, for this show. It either needed to be tighter or longer. I think the ending worked for me, but I'm not sure how much it all hung together.

I still liked it more than most but I do wish it knew what it was trying to say a bit more.
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In the ending I wanted, Ruby chooses herself and leaves both Billy and Laurence behind. Oh and while I understand the kids came to the railroad station for dramatic purposes, in real life, Laurence shouldn’t have brought them not knowing what sort of scene awaited. Perhaps he did so only because he needed them to “win.”
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Now I want the police procedural spinoff where Babe and Laurel fight crime together.
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I'm in camp underwhelmed. It was an interesting experiment, and a good showcase for Wever & Gleeson, but I feel like there was no point to it ultimately.
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I found the climactic moment confusing and therefore thought the conclusion was unsatisfying.

We (and Ruby) already know that Billy is or used to be a fraudulent jerk, selling useless self-help and saying whatever he needed to for money.

We know that at some point he used his and Ruby's pact to propose a book pitch.

When Ruby makes this discovery, does she think that the "Run" that initiated their train trip was the one he acted out in the book pitch, and that the whole prior week he'd been using her as fodder for his book? (Because we know that wasn't the case, and that in fact he'd texted her after he'd reached a point of self-loathing deep enough that he'd just burned down his career--the career which would have included such old-Billy behavior as selling out their pact.)

So... does Ruby believe that Billy has given up that life, or not? And if she could forgive him for everything else he'd done and been prior to his on-stage meltdown, why was the book proposal (which never came to anything) not worth a discussion? Does she go back to Lawrence based on a misunderstanding?

I didn't frankly care all that deeply whom Ruby ended up with--either of the men, or neither. I did want to see a choice based on something real and substantial. After everything the two of them had done together and learned about each other over the course of the series, the book proposal just didn't seem like such a pivotal revelation--unless Ruby just totally misunderstood its (lack of) significance.
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Fiona has pointed out earlier that Ruby was very gullible, so I guess she took the book proposal video as gossip truth and went from there.
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