Insecure: Lowkey Trippin'
May 26, 2020 1:26 PM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Molly and Andrew take off for their first couples' vacation with Andrew's brother, Victor, and his wife, Lydia, and the trip is smooth sailing until a hotel employee steps out of line; Molly reevaluates her inability to let things go.

The first episode directed by Jay Ellis (Lawrence) and Kim Fields guest stars as Mabel.

From the AV Club review, Insecure takes Molly on vacation
Not that it matters. Andrew is not a character with depth on this show. He is just a hot, perfect boyfriend who eats ass. He may as well be made of cardboard because he is really just here to look hot. Is he afraid to push Molly when she says he’s “different” from other Asian people because he knows she’ll pop off at him? Is he just the most relaxed guy in the world? Is he happy dealing with Molly’s intense reactions to things? Andrew’s brother was right about one thing: Molly was picking and choosing who to give the benefit of the doubt. The towel lady isn’t worthy of it. Issa isn’t worthy of it, but Andrew is.

Then, there’s Kim Fields. While she only pops up a few times, she’s an allegory for Molly. Molly can give Andrew everything and make him the priority and be married to him for 25 years and he could still leave her alone to start over. This is the path Molly is on if she keeps putting men over her mental health and friendships: a late in life How Stella Got Her Groove Back ending. You can give a man everything, but what does it mean if you don’t have anything else left for yourself?
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Molly doesn’t realize she has an issue and needs her therapist because she ruined her best friend’s event, she only realizes she might need help when she threatens things with her boyfriend.

This reviewer seems to have a weirdly personal grudge against Molly, who didn't do anything wrong in this episode. I'm really surprised by that review. I thought it was one of the best episodes so far. I felt like I was there with Molly on this trip and I got the sense of waiting to see what was going to go wrong. There were all these false starts and then recoveries - oh no we're late to the airport! But it's ok! Oh no we got into a weird & frustrating argument about racism with his brother! But Andrew comes through with a cold smoothie! (That detail really got me) When's the other shoe going to drop?
I also don't agree that Andrew isn't a character, he seems like a really familiar type of guy who just has a lot of cool & slick zingers & doesn't want to talk about anything interesting or deep. It's really hard to carve a relationship out of this type of conversation-free granite but Molly is diligently hacking away cause it seems like her best option.
I do agree that she's going to throw away the best years of her life on this dude & it's sad.

My favorite part of this episode was getting to watch Molly relax & have a good time.
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My favorite part of this episode was Molly seeing Issa at the door of the Ethiopian place. The show has been pretty careful to show that Issa and Molly haven't been in sync this season, and they're both responsible for the way that their friendship deteriorated.

I posted that part of the review because I really think that Molly has been pretty harshly judged this season and her character's actions haven't always been totally reasonable given what we know of her. And, I normally like the AV club reviewer. I do think Andrew is basically a training relationship for Molly so she can end up with someone better suited to her.

I hope we get to see some of Molly's therapy sessions. I'm glad she called.
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I'm glad this episode referenced the mental health issues affecting both Nathan and Molly, as I wished for last season here.

Any chance Lawrence was calling Condola and not Issa? After her party, I think Condola now understands that Lawrence is a man-child who is not worth her time. If he was calling Issa, it seems likely that he will mention that he ran into Molly and Andrew at LAX. What then? Is it plausible that Issa wouldn't know about this planned trip, between being busy with the block party and on the rocks with Molly?

HBO has renewed Insecure for a fifth season.
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