Mystery Science Theater 3000: GODZILLA VS. MEGALON   Rewatch 
June 4, 2020 3:56 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Rewatch! On Thursday (today!): A truly crazy movie, the underground kingdom of "Seatopia?" Which is run by... Dorf? is upset at nuclear tests, so calls upon their giant monster Megalon to attack the surface world. They also target a couple of... scientists? Who make... water toys? For a... kid? That they raise? I mean that's great sure, but it's not really defined what's going on. And a humidifier? hangs from the ceiling by a chain? in their... lab? Anyway they make the robot Jet Jaguar who goes and gets Godzilla so they can have a fite that's the real movie. It's batshit crazy, but a great episode! Previously

The show begins at 7 EST (like, in five minutes as I write this!) at
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First Godzilla movie I saw, circa 1976. I wanted a Jet Jaguar.
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