Forever: Skinny Dipper
December 9, 2014 8:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

As the anonymous caller tries to frame Henry for murder, Henry contemplates revealing the truth to Jo.
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The Adam identity twist could be seen from a long way away.... The Lieutenant's response to the stalker story was a surprise to me though. Interesting how they acknowledged Henry has been detained multiple times for indecent exposure (raised in the comments on the premiere) and yet still has his job.
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I still can't figure out why it wasn't obvious to Henry that there was something strange about the doctor, when the doctor referenced Henry needing to talk to someone his own age. Henry hadn't yet said anything about Abe's age. Also, I don't understand why Adrian Pasdar is doing the voice, but isn't the actor playing the Adam role. Does anyone else find it confusing?
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I never realized it was Adrian Pasdar doing the voice work, so I didn't find the switch confusing. Maybe they had scheduling conflicts when it came time film the reveal, or they just wanted to pull a misdirect. (I admit, they kinda got me. I did think that Burn Gorman was too recognizable an actor to be cast in a minor guest star role, but just assumed it would be a recurring role.)

The waterboarding at ye olde Bellevue seemed anachronistic. I hope we get to see how he gets out of there though. If he still fears death in 2014, would he have been able to bring himself to commit suicide in 1815? Or did he just suffer through until an eventual release and then get the hell out of Dodge for good? And how did he ever decide to trust Abigail with his secret?
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I'd guess Abigail probably saw him die at some point and reacted a lot less badly than his first wife. The same thing will have to happen with Jo too.

Yeah, I halfway thought when I saw Burn Gorman that they'd cast him for the role of Adam. I'm assuming they had someone else doing the voice because they hadn't decided who to cast IRL.
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