RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: Get a Room!
June 21, 2020 7:45 PM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The All Stars team up to design boutique hotel suites and then show off "three, three, three looks in one!" on the runway. Nicole Byer and Martyn Lawrence Bullard are the guest judges.
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Ohhhhhh dear. I posted this in hopes that maybe we could salvage some good Metafilter discussion out of this episode, which otherwise had so little to recommend it. I mean, what even?!

None of the hotel suites did it for me! They all seemed so...flat. You could have picked any one as the winner or the loser. I don't know if the problem was the idea or the execution or the production...probably all three. (I think in Untucked they showed a brief clip of Ru talking to one of the teams in the workroom about their ideas - must have been a pretty flat week if they couldn't get anything good out of that to add to the main episode.)

I am not a fashionista by any means but I had trouble figuring out how to divide India and Mariah's walks into three separate looks.

I AM a pop music fan and I thought that effort at a lip sync disrespected Lizzo!

It's a good thing Shea didn't "get Manila'd" (thanks Miz Cracker!) or else I might have had to stop watching this season. (Also I thought the judges' critiques on Shea's runway were pretty arbitrary - it wasn't my favorite, but she did take a risk and show a clear storyline, which are things that otherwise can draw strong praise. That said, once you expect so much out of her, this whole week was kind of a letdown, and I suppose they needed to try and take away some of the feeling of inevitability we've been getting so far.)
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What a bad riff on last season’s club night challenge. Drag queens DO club nights; they don’t do themed hotel suites.

Alexis is feeling tiresome already to me. Not a defense of Miz, she clearly needs to stop putting foot in mouth. Alexis is either scheming and is just not a very good actor, or is trying to seem sincere and... is not a very good actor.

Bad challenges and middling cast aside, I will continue to watch because Jujubee, I think more this season than her previous appearances, has my favorite sense of humor in challenges and werkroom since Katya.
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I, too, will keep watching, but this season is definitely a let down after the awesomeness that was Season 12. Maybe if they’d left a little space between airings we would have had time as viewers to start missing Drag Race, and maybe be more forgiving?

Also I am really starting to hate the editing on the lip syncs. It seems like they are making it harder to get a sense of each queen’s performance, though it was still clear Monet won. Which is pretty bad for Jujubee, given that Monet seemed to be firing at about 60%.
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I agree that the main challenge was a complete snooze-fest, even the editors seemed to want to rush through it to get to the runway. But I thought the runway looks were fantastic, almost enough to redeem the whole episode for me.
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Yeah this episode was rough. I was pretty mad at Shea being in the bottom and super relieved when Mariah was chosen to be eliminated. I think I would have quit watching if Shea had been eliminated because F that.

Of the three rooms, I preferred the Golden Girls one and found the other two painful to even watch. What a poor challenge that was.
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Thanks for posting this, even if the actual episode is disappointing. The editing is so heavy handed in this series; the obvious drama monsters fulfilling their contractually obligated snits; the arbitrary judging (Shea's look was amazing and not 'crafty', Mayhem and India didn't have middle looks really at all! grrrr), etc etc etc.
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