RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: SheMZ
June 28, 2020 9:26 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The queens compete in an improv challenge spoofing TMZ and bring their best camo couture to the runway.
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Yay it was better than last week!

No mini challenge? :(

Gotta quote supercres: "Miz, what is you doing." You think there's a werkroom conspiracy afoot to Pleasantly surprised at how well Blair defused the situation and very amused by Jujubee's reaction to it all. She is going all-out ridiculous with her commentary this season and I love it.

Alexis took up A LOT of air in her skit but Shea did well to sneak in some good moments. (A lot of the recaps seem to think Shea isn't particularly funny, and maybe she hasn't yet found a way to shine this season, but I still occasionally crack up remembering Teets and Asky.)

I thought the judges could have come down harder on Blair for fading into the background, but the setup really gave her the least to work with and at least she didn't totally disappear behind Jujubee and Miz, who were driving that bus in all kinds of zany directions. Also I suspect the invisible hand didn't want to risk Blair's potential against another week containing both Mayhem and India and I can't really argue there.

(The assigned groups AND roles, though? That hand sure is heavy this season...)

That runway felt pretty high-quality to me, like it met the All Stars bar, even though I didn't love-love anybody's look.

The lipsync was a step up too from last week! Morgan's sexy domination vs. Cracker's goofy take (were those gymnastics and break dancing moves meant to be that awkward?) made an entertaining contrast. Double win was a little weird - honestly I feel like Morgan had the edge there (especially given that she responded live to Miz's antics), and did Ru not know that both lipsticks had the same name? What was the point? Like I said though, I was at least entertained by Miz, so my outrage level isn't as high as it could be.

Snatch Game next week!!! They teased us with that line about "one of the best performances in Snatch Game history" - hopefully that means that actually goes down next week, and not that somebody tries to take on a role that someone in the past slayed with and ends up crashing and burning instead...
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Yah felt like finally an all-star worthy episode. Jujubee is just doing the best job at making faces and taking it all in; it's a delight to watch someone having so much fun at all the nonsense.
"the heavy hand" indeed. Although it resulted in really terrific side eye & teeth baring insincere chortling from both Alexis and Shea, and great performances. I'm not a big fan of Alexis but her runway look was really great for her style, absolutely on point for showgirl yet different from all the rest. And though Blair's look wasn't really camo, I'm very impressed with her style growth; she looked like a David Bowie forest fairy.
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