Disney+ Exclusives - Protocol?
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I just finished watching Hamilton which is exclusively on Disney+. I'd like to discuss the production with other people, but its presence on a paywalled streaming service is, well, a barrier to entry. What is our protocol for discussing media when its behind this kind of gate?
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There are posts for lots of exclusive-platform-streaming movies/shows posted to Fanfare - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc, I don't see any reason not to post Disney+ content too. Best practice protocol is just to include the exclusivity in the body of the main post, i.e. "Movie/show short synopsis. (Disney+) [more inside]". It's annoying to have to click into a post to find out what platform it's on, assuming the poster even put it in the tags, or hopefully Etrigan swooped in with a "This is streaming on [wherever]" public service comment. (Thanks, Etrigan! I appreciate those comments.)
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I mean, it's no more of a barrier than a movie ticket, right? Heck, at $6.99/mo, signing up for the service just for this one movie is cheaper than it would have been seeing it in a theater.

edit: Also, ChuraChura just put up a post!
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It's annoying to have to click into a post to find out what platform it's on, assuming the poster even put it in the tags

While I’m fairly sure this doesn’t apply for most cases, some of us are outside the US, and it’s not always clear where something’s available in the US. I know if I ever got round to adding something on Fanfare, I would probably prefer to not give any platform rather than add a "wrong" one. It’s not always logical either - for example, I know that the fourth series of Lucifer was picked up by Netflix, but here in Germany, it’s on Amazon Prime, as a "Prime Exclusive".
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The biggest issue is with any access-limited media: will enough people bypass the barrier to have something to say? Then again, this is a similar issue to widely available, but niche interest, materials, be they books, movies, TV shows, or even freely available podcasts.

Regarding the availability, scorbet nailed it. Add to those issues: changing access. Titles join and leave platforms all the time, so what's widely available on Netflix in all regions today may be hard to find in a month, or a year.

Still, some people (myself included), post movies that don't appear to be streaming anywhere currently streaming, because some titles are well-known, or are at least well-loved personally and we want to share that love with others in a smaller, less "formal" way than making a front page post.

In short, my mantra is "post whatever you want." Sometimes you'll be talking to yourself, and sometimes you'll start a lovely discussion. And on FanFare, that discussion can span years, as posts never close.
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