RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: Snatch Game of Love
July 12, 2020 12:28 AM - Season 5, Episode 5 - Subscribe

It's the return of Snatch Game of Love! Also the return of Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, who joins Tommy Dorfman in the celebrity guest role. On the runway, the category is: Prom Queen Fantasy.

AND, of course, THE DRAMA from India Ferrah and her accusation toward Alexis Mateo!

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This episode!!

Such a great ramp-up: more underwhelming werkroom scenes, to the first and lesser of the two Snatch Game of Love panels, to the second panel where Shea and Juju slayed - and I would have been happy if the episode had hit its high note there. And then India drops her bombshell!

India did have me going for a while, though eventually I came around to the opinion that it was a last desperate thrash for survival. As the other queens alluded to in the episode and said outright on Untucked, if Alexis and Mayhem really were campaigning to take Shea out, why wouldn't they have taken the completely obvious step of getting Mariah to join their voting bloc too? Still, though, you come in expecting some shadiness, but outright bald-faced lying (which happened in this case no matter what the reality was) is something else again. Anyway, I usually prefer the warm fuzzies when one queen lifts up another, as opposed to crazy shouting fights, but I was sitting there chewing my fingernails and totally engrossed. Finally!

Props again to Shea Coulee and Jujubee, though, for their fantastic Snatch Game work. They both came in with fully-developed personas, prepared to make them funny all on their own, and then managed to bounce well off each other to boot. And I enjoyed Tom and Lorenzo's commentary on how Shea's win as Flavor Flav spotlights the evolution of Snatch Game in Drag Race, as well as how much further the show could go yet in terms of celebrating other gender identities and types of drag.
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