RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: The Charles Family Backyard Ball
July 12, 2020 12:48 AM - Season 5, Episode 6 - Subscribe

At a barbecue-themed ball, the All Stars must turn two lewks: a country cousin (on the runway in front of RuPaul's birth family!) and backyard eleganza (made out of things you would actually find in your backyard).
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The ghost of India Ferrah strikes back after her elimination!

Well-deserved win for Miz Cracker this week, I thought - she really nailed the visual and design aspects of the challenge, and her country cousin monologue was funny too.

Alexis certainly didn't have a great week, but I'm not entirely convinced that Blair deserved a spot over her in the final four, given their respective overall seasons.

Finally, I'm just gonna say it: not enough ass-shaking! I was promised a mind-blowing experience, and then you whip out your Thick & Juicy strap, and then...I get a couple half-hearted lifts and that's it? WHERE WAS THE SHAKING? (That said, Roxxy clearly outperformed Miz in the lip sync overall...but I retain my outrage.)
posted by sigmagalator at 1:33 AM on July 12, 2020

I thought Alexis missed the mark the most this week but yeah, Blair is overall weaker.

Oofa Roxxy’s makeup. Also it’s gotta be hard to emote and win a lip sync without eyebrows, Miz. Glad she seems to be turning it around interpersonally and anxiety-wise though.

Next week looks great. Jujubee’s going to kill it I predict.
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I do love me some Cracker, but she did not really get the emotion of that lip sync at all. She also seems to have a pretty limited repertoire of moves. Not really a Roxxxxy fan, but she was the correct choice for winner for sure.

I know Shea was the favorite for this season, but I’m on Team Jujubee.
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I'm loving both Jujubee and Shea! I suppose two All Stars seasons in a row with double winners isn't a thing that's going to happen, but she and Shea are just both so far ahead of the rest of the pack.
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