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July 20, 2020 7:30 PM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Mulder and Scully go to Virginia to investigate after a high school boy is accused of killing a deputy sheriff with a flashlight in a blow so ferocious it forced the deputy's glasses through the back of his head, and claims that it happened in the space of ten seconds without his ever seeing anyone near the deputy.
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This episode says that asshole teenagers are supervillains who haven’t yet found their superpowers.
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This isn't such a bad episode. The premise is good and there are some truly horrifying moments (i.e., the death of the teacher) as well as some cool moments (i.e., Tony in the cave, the bleak and ambiguous ending). The guest actors could have been better, and it really wasn't a good idea to cast a 29-year-old actor in the role of Max.

It was amusing to see Mulder and Scully get old potshots from the kids. Mulder at least was able to field Max's Nirvana joke, but then he ribbed Scully about her age, and she didn't appreciate it.

That sheriff was clearly a terrible father, which puts Max's behaviour in context. Troubled kids generally come from troubled homes. Interestingly, Max seemed to want Tony for a real friend even more than Tony wanted to get in with him.
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Heh. Laminated IDs, brings back memories of altering mine in highschool. At least (a couple of) the teenagers are within a decade of having been a teen, this episode.

I like Chuck! The technical writing for him is usually not too terrible, and he's got his own brand of dry wit that complements M&S's well.

They got F=ma mostly correct, but moving that quickly would probably create sonic booms and the heat generated would apply more generally than to just the shoes. Even if the mover was exempt, the materials they manipulate at speed probably wouldn't be.
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Scully had a camel hair-coloured overcoat on in this episode. It wasn't the same long, loose-fitting one as she had in the mid-nineties, but a different fitted, knee-length, blazer-style number. This raises her total number of camel coats in the series to three -- in "I Want to Believe", she wears a shawl-collared, belted, bathrobe-style camel coat.
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