RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: Clap Back!
July 26, 2020 3:25 PM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

In the season finale, all the eliminated queens return to spill the tea, walk the runway one more time, and perform as backup dancers for the Top Three, who write verses and perform Todrick Hall choreography for RuPaul's song "Clap Back!" After one final lipsync, we discover which of the All Stars is newly inducted into the Drag Race Hall of Fame.
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We finally made it! I certainly can't see this going down in Drag Race Herstory as one of the most memorable seasons ever, but in the end I think justice was done. (Mostly...I do feel bad for Jujubee, having made it to the finale three times with no win to show for it. The AV Club review has some good points on how the production storylines glossed over that in favor of Shea's "redemption" arc.)

I definitely found the finale more enjoyable than the penultimate episode. The race ended up a little tighter than I might have expected, between Miz Cracker's run of wins at the end of the season and Jujubee's really amazing looks this episode (on top of the comedy she brought all season long). I thought she was so gorgeous in the musical performance (even if her choreo wasn't the most challenging or tightly executed), and her final runway look was stunning.

Shea Coulee though! I cannot remember a single word of that fairly forgettable song, but Shea slayed that insanity Todrick came up with. Shea just hit all the marks this season, in more ways than one, and I'm glad they had their time to shine.

One last round of applause for all the other queens, though. I usually find it hard to sit through reunion episodes, but I was entertained just enough by their couch session. And that truly was an All Star-quality runway (although...I just can't, with India Ferrah's fake boobs). The Top Three really did look it, though.

The runway was really the high point of the episode for me, more so than the lip sync. I thought Shea played it smart there, by allowing some time for the energy to build rather than coming out of the gate at 100%. And the choice of a Janelle Monae song was a gift as well. Shea didn't end up head and shoulders above the other two just based on that one performance - though as someone pointed out earlier this season, the editing on the lip syncs has been so funky that it's hard to tell what any one queen is doing - but just looking at multiple-season resumes, Ru's choice seemed clear.

Phew! I felt like once I picked up the posting here I had to see it through to the end, but I am looking forward to a break. I wouldn't mind more of a gap before having another season to watch, and I think a bit more of a level playing field among all the competitors (and some less wonky challenges) could go a long way.
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This whole season felt anticlimatic- I don't know if it was the fact that it started the week after another season, or if the lack of in-person finale made it seem less of a big deal. I suppose $100K is $100K no natter how you get that check! Shea is great, although so are Cracker and Jujubee; you almost wish for a triple crowning! Jujubee certainly deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame more than some previous winners (not naming names).
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India has had that chest plate look since her season! Too long! I'm not a fan of that look.

It does feel like it was too close to the previous season. They should have let us anticipate it a bit more.

I was thinking that it's interesting that some of the earlier queens haven't come back. Sharon, Alaska, Chad Michaels. Have they said anything about it? I suppose it would be better for them to keep quiet if they have any disagreements.
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Sharon, Alaska, Chad Michaels.

Come back? Two of these three are AllStars winners.
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And the third is a regular season winner, so generally ineligible for All-Stars, Bebe aside.
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I mean come back as guests, not as competitors. There have been lots of former winners and contestants who have come back for various reasons, but not the ones I mentioned.
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