Stargirl: Shining Knight
July 28, 2020 7:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Courtney's life gets turned upside down when someone from her past arrives in Blue Valley. Meanwhile, Pat uncovers new information about the ISA's plan, and Jordan makes a surprising discovery at work.
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Get that janitor a steed, now!

(I'm not a farmer, but I can't imagine a farmer letting horses run wild through a hay field when he's trying to dry his hay for the winter. The horses would be likely to eat and ruin the bales.)
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I'm hoping that either Courtney got a serious power up, or something happens, because the people the new JSA has lost against every time now know where she lives. How many of the ISA would it really require to take down the kids?
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I thought this episode, especially the end, was very good. I sort of expected it to end with Mike on the stairs, asking, "Okay, what the fuck?"

Brainwave is eeeevilll. Icicle is very evil, too, but sometimes a likable person, which is more true-to-life and isn't coddling the audience. I approve.

I feel like Chekhov's Pen will make its re-appearance in the next episode. Also, Brainwave's going to die, which will conviently-for-the-plot put a temporary kibosh on the regional mind-control, even the odds a bit, and give Team Teen JSA its first big win. But something's going to force everyone into an uneasy detente.
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Yes, I suspect the Gambler is going to make the mistake of not re-calibrating the antenna to account for the extra power Brainwave received from Henry Jr., leading to an unfortunate brain meltdown.

I like how Barbara jumped right in to become an integral member of the team.

Pat, pay more attention to Mike, he's turning into a sympathetic character who might slip onto the dark side if he's ignored for much longer.
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It will be interesting to see whether she shows more confidence in her fighting style, and her leading style.
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I'm curious to know whether people think the picture in Courtney's locket actually looks like her biodad (i.e. has the studio played straight with us from the start)?
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I think the photo looks like generic scruffy blond, so yeah.
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On the earlier thread I agreed with the comment that the locket photo was Starman. Looking at it in this episode it's clear that the photo could have been of any generic, square-headed scruffy blond.

Was it just me or did the staff glow brighter and more white when Courtney picked it up? In previous episodes it seemed like it had a pronounced yellowish tint.

I meant to mention in my comment above how smartly constructed I thought this episode was. Early on in the basement Barbara says to Pat and Courtney that they can't leave because the people of Blue Valley need them. That's followed by the slow reveal to Courtney of Sam's creepy sleaziness, which is contrasted to Pat's inherent decency (both toward Courtney and to Justin). That all climaxes with Courtney realizing it's not who you came from that makes you a hero it's what you stand for and do, which is why the staff glows bright white.
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Oh, there's a nice little AP English paper to be had in that scene setup.
Remember she tried and failed with the staff three times? Once with Pat, one with Barbara in the room, and once alone. She needed to bring both her Birth Mother and Adoptive Father physically and metaphorically to the Commitment Ceremony, in order to gain access to the Sacred Artifact. Then once she does, the Necessary Teacher arrives in Sir Justin (well, after they get him un-whammied).
Someone who recently did Joseph Campbell in class just got an extra credit essay on The Hero's Journey monomyth that practically writes itself.
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I can't help speculating still.
- how do we write Mike into a situation where he clicks the pink pen while saying "See You" (how I always heard the magic word 'cei-u' in my head)?
- we've still got that lamp hanging around. If we wanna go traditional...Have we seen anyone who is a) blonde b) homosexual, and c) willing to wear a red green yellow and purple (sometimes black) outfit? To be Teen Lantern?
[an Ellen Scott could be cool, just sayin'. Ooh, unless two new kids show up at school, Todd and Jade, come looking for their dad's stuff.]
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I've been thinking a lot about the way this show depicts bad guys, and where evil comes from, and who is and isn't redeemable, and when and whether that's important; when to fight and when to try to solve problems through other means.
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