Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Stolen
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In this episode, which plays like a season finale of Dallas, Sousa is a square, Coulson is hilarious, Deke is happy to be stuck in the '80s, May is not an open-minded gal and Daisy earned a B+ with room for improvement.

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In case you're wondering, while original John Garrett was played by Bill Paxton, young John Garrett was portrayed by Bill's son James.

This episode also gives Dollhouse fans the mini-reunion they've been hoping for with Enver Gjokaj finally sharing the screen with Dichen Lachman.
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I know our crew has a lot to deal with but I wish Enoch had gotten more than two sentences acknowledging his sacrifice!

I am now fully on the “Fitz is dead” train, but that only makes me think it’s more likely Fitz will appear in the final episode. Whether it’s time travel shenanigans or a tearful pre-death recording is TBD.

It would be hilarious if Chronicom activity on Earth In the 80’s prevents Yondu from picking up Peter Quill in this timeline, deleting the existence of Star Lord, so the Avengers are able to defeat Thanos on Titan and prevent the Snap. (Yeah I know that without Star Lord there would be no GotG to help on Titan but just go with it)
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No fooling, I had to look up who the hell Garrett was, it's been so long since he was a major character. I laughed out loud when I realized they had Bill's son playing a younger version of him, though. (Although I came at it backwards - "huh, that goofy big faced grin looks familiar, huh it's a Paxton, wait _those_ Paxtons? Oh right, Bill played Garrett in the first season, right right.")

I'm not so convinced by Malick's Inhumanizer - I mean c'mon the original dudes all spent time as a husk, pupating into their inhuman powers, didn't they? Or am I mixing up my storylines? But here we are, just transferring some blood and hey hey, inhuman powers activate!
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I had to look up who the hell Garrett was, it's been so long since he was a major character.

I tend to remember the long twists and turns of these genre shows so when a villain from 6 seasons ago shows up again unannounced and I figure out who he is ahead of the reveal, I start laughing. My fiancee takes that as the signal to ask who that is because it must be an old face if I recognize him.
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I also fully forgot who John Garrett was.

Malick's Inhuman transformation device does seem incredibly overpowered for something that looks like a junkyard blood transfusion. It's very weird that his newly energized dudes have such good control of their powers already. It's all way too easy.
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Oh and speaking of Star Lord, had we seen Deke's Awesome Mix setup previously? Maybe I didn't notice without the loving long shot of it?
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Yeah, I have not held onto a bit of the long-term mythos on this show.

And I was sad that Enver and Lichen were barely onscreen together. I guess they were worried that they'd have more chemistry than he does with Chloe.
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I've been thinking they'll do something interesting in a retcon way. I was hoping that they'd keep Coulson from dying. If they delete the whole series into a negated timeloop or something, that would be incredibly disappointing.
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I hope Fitz isn’t dead. I mean, he’s already died once. Twice would seem like carelessness.
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The way they've set things up they can basically let Malick do anything they want and just say "the Chronicoms told him how to do it." So that's probably the explanation for the implausibly effective blood transfusions, as it was for robots with laser blasters in 1983.
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