The Lone Gunmen: Eine Kleine Frohike   Rewatch 
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Frohike goes deep undercover as a long lost son, after the Gunmen receive a tip which could lead them to a female baker who poisoned members of the French Resistance back in the second World War.

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I know the title translates to "a little Frohike" but I can't get the Tool song 'Die Eier Von Satan' out of my head.

"...und KEINE EIER!"

I've always been amused by the 'mid-Atlantic accent' used in old propaganda/ news. I believe there is a similar thing for posh BBC (English) newscasts, and it's definitely a thing in Cantonese newscasts that barely resembles spoken Cantonese (but then, written Cantonese is nothing like spoken Cantonese).

Langly has what looks ike a Model M - it should survive being waterlogged.

Callback to TLG's ridiculous door locks - but that's a BS lockpick.
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As good a place as any to share - here's how Tom Braidwood got hired to be Frohike.

When the show started out he was just an assistant director. When they were getting ready to cast the Lone Gunmen for the first X-Files episode they were in, the production team was huddled in a room brainstorming casting ideas. At one point, one of the team was saying that "for Frohike, we need someone who looks really icky and sleezy", and another member of the team saw that Braidwood was about to walk past the room on the way to the men's room or something, and - as a joke, intending to razz Braidwood, he said "yeah, someone icky and sleezy like Braidwood." And he turned to grin out the door - but Braidwood had never heard him and kept walking. Oh well, he thought, and turned back to the room.

Where the entire rest of the team was staring at him like he was a genius. "That's....that's not a bad idea," one person said. "Yeah, he does look a little like the part...." "He did do some acting, he could pull it off, yeah?" "My god, you're right, that could work."

And they talked themselves into it and got so excited that when Braidwood came back down the hall, this time everyone in the room shouted out "Hi, Frohike!" at him and totally freaked him out.

Fast forward seven years and Tom Braidwood is dressing up in lederhosen and attacking people with pastry.
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