The X-Files: The Gift   Rewatch 
August 17, 2020 7:21 PM - Season 8, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Following up on one of Mulder's old cases in the hope of discovering some clue to his current whereabouts, Doggett finds that Mulder falsified case reports and visited the town of Squamash, Pennsylvania, where he shot three rounds at someone or something, and that the townspeople there are determined to prevent him from finding out what.
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I saw a joke recently, "With all that's going on, it's like as if the USA (and Canada) was built on top of hundreds of thousands of sacred Indian burial grounds."

I'm pretty sure Squamash isn't real, but Squamish (BC) is.

Kind of annoyed with Duchovny coming back as non-Mulder teases.

Dogget getting "powers" a la 'Milennium' (?) is dumb. Laughably so "Mulder's legacy."
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Not a bad episode. This is one of those episodes where the monster isn't actually the monster -- it's the human beings exploiting the supposed monster. Also, respect for whoever made up an actual person to look like... that.

Why on earth would Scully ever sign Mulder's false reports without at least asking questions? I still find it not at all plausible that he wouldn't have told her about his neurological condition and/or that she wouldn't have known something was up.

Langly calls Doggett "Agent Dogbert", heh.

Doggett: You wearing pants, Langly?
Langly: ....Yes.
[Langly slinks off-screen and puts on pants.]

Mulder's look of compassion when he sees the Creature gets to me. Doggett's care of the Creature as he wraps it in a blanket and helps it into the car also gets to me. Basically men being caring towards those in need of care is a sight I like to see.

They've already gotten Doggett doing more carrying of people than Mulder ever did, probably because Robert Patrick is far more cut out for that sort of thing than David Duchovny. We don't see Skinner taking down Doggett the way he used to when Mulder got out of line, is what I'm saying -- Skinner vs. Doggett would be an epic fight if it ever happened.

It's so appalling that the FBI would rather get something on Mulder than acknowledge that he's been abducted and they should be searching for him.
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