Lucifer: Detective Amenadiel
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Amenadiel helps Chloe investigate a nun's untimely demise. Meanwhile, Lucifer lends Dan a hand, and Linda reveals a painful part of her history.

*Lucifer tries to help Chloe by having her set a gift box on fire at the beach where Lucifer first burned his wings, but Chloe says she just needs time and space. When Lucifer barges into Dr. Linda's home for for an immediate session, he's surprised to find Amenadiel back from Hell already, and Amenadiel tells him that he left because he heard God's voice telling him that Hell no longer needs a warden.

*Maze has a session with Dr. Linda about her meeting with Lillith, and learns Linda's dark secret --she got pregnant at 17 and abandoned the baby at the hospital.

*Chloe's new case is the murder of a nun, Sister Victoria, at a convent, and after her current feelings about God alienate the nuns, she calls in Amenadiel to assist, and it turns out that nuns really really dig Amenadiel.

*Lucifer insists on assisting Dan with working on Chloe's case. In checking phone records, Lucifer recognizes singer Destiny Page was a frequent caller of Sister Victoria, who Mother Angelica says had been trying to buy the convent.

*Maze tracks down Linda's abandoned daughter (Adriana) who is a realtor now, and they go to her open house. Maze pushes Linda to tell her who she is, but Linda says it should be Adriana's choice, and that Maze should go tell Lillith whatever it is she wants to say to her instead of trying to do it through Linda and Adriana. Maze returns to Lillith's apartment in Reno only to be told she died a few days earlier. Later, she tells Linda the things she never got to say to Lillith, and helps her enter herself in a birth-mother registry so that Adriana can find her someday if she wants to.

*At the station, Chloe overhears Lucifer and Amenadiel bickering and finally learns about Amenadiel's involvement in her conception.

*Chloe and Amenadiel go to see Destiny Page. Victoria turns out to have been Destiny's assistant, sent to the convent under-cover to try to help the sale happen, but Victoria had a true religious conversion and was going to stay a nun instead. Destiny's alibi was being at AA to get her 1-month-sober chip, but she lost the chip at goat yoga afterwards. Dan and Lucifer verify the alibi after Dan digs through a wheelbarrow of goat pellets to find the partly-digested chip, and Lucifer chats up all the yoga class participants and finds one who remembered Destiny being there, and also realizes that the mysterious bruising on Victoria's neck was from her having worn a ring on her necklace, and that her secret fiancé must have been unhappy with her turning nun on him.

*The secret fiancé, and murderer, turns out to be Destiny's security guy, Hank, and a righteously furious Amenadiel exposes his angelic nature to him as he shields Chloe from Hank's bullets.

Amenadiel: Chloe, I think I know why the nuns were drawn to me.
Chloe: Why is that?
A: Sister Francine said she felt God's love more than ever when she was with me. You know, when she was in my presence.
C: Well... Yes, you are an angel.
A: I am, but I'm pretty sure that she was seeing her own faith reflected back at her.
C: Ok. Why--Why do you say that?
A: Lucifer, actually. Men, women, they're all drawn to him because he pulls out people's desires. But what if the reason that they're drawn to him is because of that?
C: So you're saying Lucifer...reflects people's desires back to them?
A: Well, who wouldn't want to be with their greatest desire?
C: Well, yes, I...I agree, but when I look at him, I-I-I don't see that. Which would mean that...
A: That you're the only mortal who sees him...for who he truly is.
C: So...So everything we shared and...Everything I was afraid was a manipulation--
A: Is as real as it gets. You're not the gift, Chloe. That is.

*At the penthouse, Chloe tells Lucifer about Amenadiel's theory that Chloe doesn't actually make Lucifer vulnerable, but that he chooses to be vulnerable with her, and that she's ready to make herself vulnerable to him too now, and they kiss.
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And the writers tie a neater bow than I was expecting. I am expecting Chole to be wearing Lilith's ring but since that seems to pat does that mean that Lucifer will have to understand what it is to have a single mortal love or will he be giving up his immortality as well at some point?
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The bit that seemed too pat to me was the message Amenadiel received from God. "Hell's all good,nobody needs to watch the store, so go back," is too easy and too convenient of a plot device to get all of the characters back on Earth and interacting with each other. Part of me wondered if it wasn't Michael somehow manipulating his father, but I think that plot is over, and if it's not, it should be.
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