Becoming (2020)
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Based on her memoir of the same name, this is the Netflix documentary about Michelle Obama's book tour promoting it. An intimate story looking at her life, hopes and connection with others. 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and in my heart.
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I’ve been slogging my way through Mary Trump’s book and was feeling depressed by the ugly, dysfunctional description of life growing up Trump. So I took a break to listen to Michelle Obama’s podcast and re-watch Becoming – oh, what a relief. Michelle’s kindness, humble confidence, and encouragement of others stands out in stark contrast to the privileged and yet still self-pitying mentality of the Trumps. Putting all politics aside, the Obama’s are people I truly like and admire.

I most enjoyed the clips of Michelle meeting with youth; her listening to their stories and encouraging them to embrace the challenges in their lives as a source for their super powers. She is a wonderful role model and mentor. A couple other moments that resonated with me:

Thoughts on affirmative action, about 27 minutes in . . . “There are all kinds of affirmative action. You know, there’s legacy. There’s the college athlete . . . The problem is that when it comes to students of color, poor kids, all of a sudden, that’s affirmative action.”

And I loved her comment about 58 minutes in, on raising her daughters in the White House: “What I spent a lot of time thinking about is, ‘How do I make this mansion with butlers and staff feel like a home for two little girls?’ . . . I had to beg the housekeepers, ‘These girls have to learn how to clean their own rooms and make their beds and do their laundry. You cannot do this every day because they will not live here forever. And I am not raising kids that don’t know how to make a bed,’ you know?” I wonder if Barron make’s his own bed – I seriously doubt it.
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