Repeaters (2010)
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The ninth step in recovery is apologizing to all those you've hurt with your drug addiction. When three members of a rehab group fail to complete this step, they are met with a strange consequence. For them, the day they were supposed to complete the ninth step keeps repeating.

Available streaming in the US via Amazon Prime and IMDB TV.
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What did you actually think of it? As someone who's been in recovery for some time myself, the idea of redoing Groundhog Day as a recovery fable has a certain amount of attraction (I've actually mentioned Groundhog Day in AA meetings as a metaphor for addiction), but going by the Wikipedia article, the execution may have left something to be desired.
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Reviews had it as an indie film that lacked nuance, but I see it as a B movie with a better than average premise, handled reasonably coherently. I don't have a background with recovery to know if they did right by that, but it feels lived in. The direction is a little superficial, a la a teen drama, but the central conceit is interesting enough to paper over it.

The one real black mark against it is that the characters are (at least initially) assholes and make asshole jokes. Makes sense in context but it can grate.
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