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Scully, Doggett, and Reyes are circuitously approached by a man who claims to have information about the super soldiers that he will only reveal to Mulder, and Scully arranges for Mulder's return.
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Another silly mythology episode, though this was a clever way to include Mulder in the storyline without having David Duchovny actually come back. I don't get why Mulder is so important. Either he or William must die? Seriously? It's just so silly that the conspiracy acts like Mulder is so, so important. One does see a lot of this sort of plotting in movies -- I'd call it the One Man trope. It's so often up to One Man to save us all in the movies, but in real life it never is. It's like Cheeto firing James Comey in an effort to stop the FBI from investigating him because he doesn't get that there's an entire agency of people, as well as a number of other offices, who will carry on with the investigation after Comey's gone.

It seemed far-fetched to me that Scully wouldn't have guessed that the two conflicts between Patti and her husband weren't staged. It was just too coincidental for them to run into each other twice in one day and see such dramatic arguments between her and her husband both times. And she shouldn't have let the woman stay at her place when she knew nothing about her.

"Your staring over my shoulder doesn't make me go faster." I kind of love Agent Edie Boal, who was played by Kathryn "Mrs. Landingham" Joosten. Sadly, she never reappears in the X-Files series.

Scully: These clothes that I'm wearing ... they're my size. How the hell do you know my size?
Shadow Man: Your size? I know your blood type, your resting heart rate, your childhood fear of clowns. I know the name of your college boyfriend, your true hair colour, your ATM pin number, favourite charities, pet peeves. I know you spend too much time alone. And I know that on one lonely night you invited Mulder to your bed.

Too much information, Shadow Man!

Also... clowns, Scully? Really?

Even super soldiers have their Kryptonite.

Scully's email address is I wonder if anyone has that actual address.
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Another silly mythology episode - Anderson's rendition of the monologues are the least bad given the poor quality of material the narrators are given to work with.

Mythology aside, I thought that this episode succeeded well on a technical level.

Patti - regardless that I've been hammered into being a suspicious bastard over the last few years, that was all super sketchy and a total emotional con job. Good thing Doggett and Reyes has her back.

Patrick runs like he's played football. After checking; he did in university before dropping out.

Finally, they show a lockpick set with a tension wrench.

An internet cafe, how quaint. The last time I was in one was in Montreal's Chinatown in 2003 when I had left my laptop (not that it had wifi, much less my cell phone had tethering/ hotspot) at the hotel and the prof I was visiting wasn't answering his phone and I resorted to trying to email him. By then, it was already 99.5% for gaming - the 0.5% for printing/ faxing/ scanning.

I wonder if anyone has that actual address.

You might be interested in this reddit post from 4 years ago.

your true hair colour

She resorted to wearing a wig in the revival because she needed to treat her hair so much for different roles that her hair started disintegrating on her.

I'm wondering whether coulrophobia is a thing mostly because it's been made to be a thing.

One Man trope

'Great Man Theory' is actually a thing, and there are excellent arguments against it.
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