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An American astronaut struggles with leaving her husband and daughter behind to embark on a dangerous mission with an international space crew.
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I wonder if they filmed some of the show on the same sound stage as For All Mankind. Mark Ivanir, the actor who plays Misha, is in both. But I wish they had given Ato Essandoh / Kwesi more to do other than offering prayers. Essandoh was wonderful in his episode of Amazon's Tales From the Loop.

The switching between zero gravity and artificial gravity was sometimes jarring. Is NASA even anywhere close to building large enough vehicles to give everyone private rooms of that size?
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It's fine if a space show wants to be impressionistic rather than realistic. No need to even try to depict equal and opposite reaction when throwing someone in a spacesuit, for example, if the focus is on the social side.

If the point of the show is to explore if a crew this badly integrated socially could survive a mars mission, I'd be down for that. But the characters don't seem good enough or the relationships deep enough for that either?
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Weird show. Expensive actors, but soap opera level script . Ship with artificial gravity, but loads of microgravity effects anyway. Some cool effects (lighting in the rotating section was great!), but the central water widget often looked like a space-themed escape room. Semi-serious mission architecture, but totally bonkers stuff thrown in seemingly at random. Some plot elements clearly heavily inspired by The Martian, but they often half-arsed them.

Lu's chaste love affair seemed like it was walking a fine line that I couldn't quite make out. An export thing?

No need to even try to depict equal and opposite reaction when throwing someone in a spacesuit
Misha was on the short tether when he made that throw, wasn't he?
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I was just amazed at how clear and lag-free (until the plot demanded a whole 20-minute delay) all of their communications back home were. Like, I can't even call my family a few states away without the call dropping every fifth time.

I think I would have found pretty much any of the other families more interesting to follow than Emma's. Josh Charles is fantastic but in no way convinced me that he was an astronaut or the smartest scientist at NASA. The daughter was fine but one-note.

I did love the plot about Misha making everyone rehearse his dog puppet play (complete with special effects) for like 6 months.
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Nothing about the comments here makes me want to venture any further than the 20 mins i spent in episode 1 the other night. It was slow, and there were tropes (has there ever actually been a panel discussion with a mission crew, where they all praise each other's skill set with ham-fisted expository monologues?) Good golly NO.
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Just finished the season, and I actually thought it was quite lovely! Many of the elements of the show mirror elements of my own life (isolated environment, multicultural team that doesn't always get along, limited food choices, high risk situations, having to make urgent life-changing judgement calls, etc) and so I felt "at home" watching the show, even if I'm not an astronaut. The scenes back on earth weren't as interesting, but I don't really have sympathy for mopey family members of people doing important things.
I'm really hoping they make a second season!
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This show leans way too hard into "a problem happens because the mission was planned with less foresight than the average camping trip and then somebody (often Brooding Husband McGuyver) has to improvise a solution based on a sudden insight prompted by an incidental observation". Seriously though, what kind of plot device is "we have no water because our purifier broke, and then our backup broke (a backup is like a 'spare tire' so obviously like a real spare tire you should expect it to come factory pre-broken), and our ship is actually surrounded by potable water but they didn't put in a spigot".

Also: I would like to see a space show where the crew actually works well together and trusts each other, rather than trying to mutiny before they've even launched.
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