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Doggett investigates a case that may be linked to his son's abduction and murder, with the assistance of an FBI cadet who has an uncanny level of deductive ability.
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Scully's creepy wunderkind? Erp.

TXF trying to pick up some 'procedural' cred. Bleh.

'Max Payne' the video game came out in 2001 also, and had a dripping piano soundtrack like here.

Not so heavy on the oboes, though.

Is that nice cable knit sleeveless sweater that Reyes is wearing to FBI regs? =)

Barbara Patrick returns as Doggett's ex wife; she's about 5'9 to Anderson's 5'3" (or Gish's 5'8").

Ugh. No. That's not "what schizophrenics do."

Interesting use of Follmer, though. But another super cheap plot tie off. Not cool with using Reyes as an emotional sponge.
posted by porpoise at 11:29 PM on September 14, 2020

Rudolph Hayes was kind of a cool character. Creepy, yes, but cool all the same. I regret he was just a one-off, as well as the misrepresentation of schizophrenia. I wish they'd found another explanation for his abilities.

Poor Barbara Doggett. Her peace of mind is so fragile that she can barely even bear to be around her ex-husband.

It makes total sense that Doggett, who is a cop to the core, would have felt the one thing he could do for his murdered son was to find his killer, and that he could not have borne to live with the fact that he couldn't crack the case.

Who the hell would have taken a fucking picture of Doggett beside his dead son.

It completely defies all belief that Regali would have basically confessed to Doggett.

I suppose that was as good a way as any to use the Brad Follmer. I had forgotten his character existed until I reached the point in the rewatch that he appeared, and then when he was absent for a few episodes I forgot he existed again.

I don't think Monica would have tagged along for John and Barbara's scattering of their son's ashes. Come on, that was such an intensely private moment. She didn't belong there, and she would have known she didn't.

We see *two* more leather jackets on Reyes this episode: a cream-coloured leather jacket, and another short black leather jacket that's different from the one we've previously seen on her. The other one had notched lapels, and this one had just a collar band that snaps. There was another one that was a rust red suede, but I think that was the same one as she's worn previously. That brings her total count of leather/suede coats to *eight*, which is kind of ridiculous. I'm inclined to think that the wardrobe department got carried away in outfitting Annabeth Gish, because they'd never had such a clotheshorse to dress before. Gillian Anderson is beautiful and has a lovely figure, of course, and she can especially rock a fitted little suit, but it really does take height to show clothes to such advantage so that you particularly notice the clothes themselves. There also isn't the same selection in petite women's sizes as there is in regular women's sizes.
posted by orange swan at 12:09 PM on September 16, 2020

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