Critical Role: New Homes and Old Friends
September 28, 2020 6:06 PM - Season 2, Episode 111 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein explore a new magical haven before heading to Zadash to investigate some theories and reach out to previous connections...
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"Reach out to previous connections..." heh.

Some shit's gonna go down in the snow, y'all.

Loved the scene at the grave. Also loved Caleb's enthusiam for showing off his tower, and the level of generosity and trust the group now has with each other - Jester makes sure to bring Caleb his change back, and he is not worried about it (far cry from when Jester mocked him for being poor); and Fjord buying him an Ioun Stone, where those two once faced off over a spell scroll.
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This was such a good episode for the players - between Liam's hour long description of the tower (and of course, ending in sadness because Caleb), and then Marisha/Beau putting together all of the different pieces over the last few years of hints. Matt's obviously a great GM, but these are also fantastic players, it's so great when everyone is also so invested in the story.

But also Matt's a great DM. Like, I guess I should have expected the character that has died and been reborn with different personalities to maybe come back from the dead, but I honestly didn't expect it after all this time. Aaah!

And watching Taliesin's face certainly was a journey. He definitely knows something! What does he know? TALIESIN TELL US YOUR SECRETS.

This winter journey is looking less and less like a sidequest.

Pumat's re-introduction to Veth was also sweet.
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Marisha's connecting of all the dots was so much fun to watch. And honestly really helpful for myself as a somewhat casual viewer.

I don't know if this is a common thing but I really tend to enjoy the low-stakes shopping episodes.

I loved every moment of Caleb's tower tour. A lot of profound character stuff for everyone in there within the reveals and little touches. Also, like Travis, my eyes were itching at all the cats...

Ending on that cliffhanger also gave the whole show a big shot in the arm. That reunion is going to be intense.
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