Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Stakeout
December 14, 2014 6:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The unbreakability of Peralta and Boyle's friendship is tested during an eight-day stakeout. Amy and Gina notice that the main characters in Terry's DIY picture book bear a striking resemblance to themselves. Meanwhile, Capt. Holt's nephew (guest star Nick Cannon) draws Diaz's romantic interest, and everything is awkward.

BONUS STUFF: SALON: The Year in TV: How 2014 Remade the Workplace Comedy -- Year-end critical wrap-up piece, with a focus on B99's (and Archer's) creative treatment of work-as-life.
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This is a great episode for Holt. From having it both ways to Detective Rosa Diaz in his breakfast nook.
posted by nubs at 8:39 AM on December 15, 2014

Did they re-order these or is the schedule just off? Wasn't last week's episode a Christmas one?
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Wasn't last week's episode a Christmas one?

Apparently, Mulaney's inability to stick around caused a schedule shift that lead to Bob's Burgers and B99 airing their Christmas episodes earlier (and then having a non-Christmas episode closer to Christmas).

Holt's having it both ways was the biggest laugh-aloud part of the episode for me. The look on his face made it.
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You can see stills of the no-no lists here.

Ha! I knew there was something about Kwazy Cupcakes.
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I love Captain Holt so much. <3 The thing with Wunch used to annoy me- it's just *so* childish (also my name is Madeleine so it weirds me out every time he says it) but I think I've come around to just being amused by it. Wunch time is over! He's so pleased!

Also the whole thing with Rosa was great. They're both very stoic characters who project a lot of confidence but get a little awkward when actual human emotions are called for. That scene in the breakfast nook! "And Cheddar. Cheddar is also here." (and then he checks under the table to see if it's true) Also poor Kevin trying to normalize the situation by offering bacon smiley face pancakes (or French toast?).
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The best thing, for me, was Holt and Diaz with the tiny paper bag... the way Holt is so tentative with it, and Diaz is like a squirrel getting it out of sight as quickly as possible. Brilliant!
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Perfectly folded top.
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I've been worried that Holt is already sliding into Ron Swanson-esque caricature territory, but his plotline in this episode was top notch. Same with Rosa. Her burns out the four hour car ride with Santiago was delicious.

Speaking of which, Santiago and Terry need some better storylines, stat.
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Braugher, as always, is just perfect. For me, though, the best detail was the go-in-for-a-hug handshake with the nephew. A lesser show would have tried to mine a joke about how the nephew goes in for the fancy handshake and Holt just stands there, but there's more to Holt than his Holtiness.
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If anything, I think Holt started as a caricature and over the series is getting more developed. From an in-universe perspective, it feels like Holt is allowing himself to relax around his squad more- letting them see when he's unsure, embracing dumb competitions with Jake, joking around with them (in his... own special way)...
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His best moment of the series so far is probably the hula hoop conversation.
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