Supernatural: Unity
October 29, 2020 6:13 PM - Season 15, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Dean hits the road with Jack who needs to complete a final ritual in the quest to beat Chuck. A difference of opinion leaves Sam behind looking for other answers.
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I really hope Amara realized how much Chuck was manipulating her when she agreed to merge. Because, yeah, the Winchesters were planning to kill her but Chuck totally admitted that this all was part of his story. But I am glad they finally acknowledged his omniscience.

If Cas summons the Empty to Earth so it can deal with Billie, will his deal be called off?

The Mark of Cain/Dean-Amara link has to come into play somehow. Amara's "That wasn't you?" line felt important.
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Gosh, this is thrilling stuff. I'm getting the kind of genre tingles I haven't felt since the heyday of Buffy and Angel. For a moment I thought Sam and Dean would tussle over the gun and accidentally kill each other, thus fulfilling Chuck's plan. When Dean pointed the gun at Sam I was like, "Dude, seriously?" It was incredibly stupid, but not entirely off-brand for our boy.

So I was sorta half right, about Amara and Chuck merging at the finale. They DID merge, but it's clearly not the series endgame. I have a hunch she re-emerges before the end, to help defeat Chuck. She's far too independent to just ride along while Chuck destroys everything. And I was right about Billie being bad news! I have no idea how they wrap this up, but for fanservice reasons I suspect we'll see the welcome return of the Wayward Sisters gang, Charlie, Crowley and maybe OG Death. We're already getting alt-Bobby next week.

Once again Chuck does the thing where he poofs people away, then reassures a horrified witness that they're not dead, just "away." What the heck is that about? Are all of the universes he destroyed just "away" too? Does that mean they can all come back as easily as they were snuffed out? I can see an ending where Amara becomes the dominant half, she restores all the universes with a wave of her hand, and she agrees to leave our multiverse and go start something new with Chuck. But again, that feels a little too neat. Whatever I predict about this show, it's never quite right.

Cute how they had Chuck call his sister a "b-word." It's like they heard all the criticism about how they used to say bitch all the time on this show, and now even the Big Bads won't say it!
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I have no idea on any of this. You cannot predict this show.
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Finally caught up with the last two. I do hope we have not seen the last of Amara, I was liking her new attitude plus the back/forth with Dean. They are certainly going out on a hot streak of great episodes and unpredictable twists.
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Amara: Well, I guess that makes you the villain.
Chuck: Villains get all the best lines.

Chuck: Heaven? Really? Look, I appreciate the effort, but none of this really lights my wick anymore. So, uh...
Amara: Remind me, how does your "wick" feel about fans?


This is the first time Jack interacts with his great aunt, Amara.

In the opening scene Amara is reading Norwegian Wood, written by Haruki Murakami.

The Shadow reveals that God having no power over the Empty is actually just "sweet little lies" that Billie promised to fix for it, thus explaining why God was able to resurrect Castiel so many times as well as Lilith.

Chuck reveals that the main universe Castiel is the only version of him that failed to do what he was supposed to after resurrecting Dean from Hell.

This is the first time in a millennia that some of the angels have seen God.

When Sam and Castiel are searching for Death's Key, Sam pulls a cup out of one of the boxes that could possibly be the Holy Grail.

When the argument between the brothers ensues, Sam is thrown at the brick wall of the underground bunker, which visibly shakes from the hit, revealing it is in fact a fake scenery wall.
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I must say, Amara does seem like a being who knows how life should be lived. Chuck writes pulp fiction in a squalid little house in his bathrobe; she reads a novel in a hot spring in Reykjavik in a great bathing suit.

But it also seems very out of character for her to buy into a lie from Dean and agree to merge with Chuck. It's way too subservient of her.

You'd think Dean would have known to look behind him before saying what he did about Jack in the bunker, given that he knew Jack was there in the bunker with him.
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