The Flight Attendant: Conspiracy Theories
December 3, 2020 7:39 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

After literally piecing together evidence from Alex's home, Cassie follows the paper trail to a private jet service while juggling a visit from her brother and his family, unearthing more of her unconventional childhood.
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Finest voicemail message EVER:

"This is Annie. That's all you get."
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...Cassie is a reckless drunk who really should've told her brother to reschedule a couple of episodes ago, so I wasn't expecting to be so firmly on her side when she and her brother reached their immediate, inevitable breaking point. But -- uh, the brother didn't get angry about the murder entanglement (since he doesn't know about it) or even her careless behavior (since she did fine at the aquarium, and no "losing" her nieces for 12 seconds in a tunnel doesn't count). Her brother has the right to be incandescently angry with his parents for their behavior, but holding his younger sister accountable for being their abusive father's favorite (and being set up for a lifetime of alcohol abuse) is really gross! He was being a jerk on the phone earlier in the season, so I'm not surprised exactly, but ugh.
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