Godmothered (2020)
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A young and unskilled fairy godmother (Jillian Bell) that ventures out on her own at Christmastime to prove her worth by tracking down a young girl whose request for help was ignored (Isla Fisher.) A Disney+ original directed by Sharon Maguire.
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Studio exec: So if we remade Enchanted but did it from the fairy godmother's POV and set it at Christmas, families would watch that, right? I mean no, we can't get Amy Adams, but Isla Fisher is sorta the same thing, right? Families would watch, right?
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We only watched maybe the first 20 minutes before the toddler had to go down for a nap, but I honestly thought Jillian Bell skipped perfectly into this role. She was such a natural fairy godmother I wanted to see it through.
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I watched it last night, and I enjoyed it. It was fun, the acting was good, it made me laugh a bit. If this is the kind of movie that seems like it's up your alley, it's a good version of it. Though yes, it occasionally does feel like the cheapo version of Enchanted.
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Totally agree: if you think this is a movie you and/or your family might enjoy, you probably will. It's not going to defy anyone else's expectations or even blow the doors off for the people who do watch, but it serves what it promises.
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It’s entertaining to watch a fairy godmother navigate the modern world. Incidentally Isla Fisher is married to the person who plays Borat, the less Disney friendly version of a character trying to understand modern America.

Even magic has its limits as we see a spell isn’t quite enough to turn a city raccoon into a dutiful domestic helper.

I liked the ending that shared the a similar sentiment to Disney’s Frozen: women don’t need a prince to save the day.
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