The Flight Attendant: Other People's Houses
December 11, 2020 2:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

With Miranda on her tail and the FBI closing in, Cassie enlists Max in a plan that involves breaking and entering. Annie is forced to repay an ominous favor to a client. Megan's secrets threaten to come to light.
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It's been building up to it, but the self revelation that she is not only a disaster, but she has always sought out disaster tickles me.

Surprisingly, Max turned into a really adorable character.

I kind of stalled on ep2, but have been binging it after giving it another go and more attention than background filler.
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Oh right - while I can't remember which episode it comes up in and has been, as of episode 5, not yet been a thing: Why does Cassie have (two? more?) passports? Is this a frequent traveler thing, so they always have a spare in case one is lost or confiscated?

I'm also mildly annoyed that the lost ID seems to have been pretty much completely dropped. I'd have figured the FBI would have gotten that a few episodes back and AH HAH MS BOWDEN! and yet ... nothing. It was barely even worth the anxiety it gave Cassie at the time.
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The show's opening credits remind me of Mad Men's. Carrie's constant drinking puts her on a par with that show's characters too.
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