The Flight Attendant: Hitchcock Double
December 11, 2020 2:25 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Cassie is forced to work with a surprising new ally as she reconsiders all that's happened since Bangkok. Megan's life begins to implode when her husband faces consequences for her actions.
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What has happened in each episode is kind of a blur now but I like how this continues to be twisty and fun in a way that works. At least, so far, all the twists have made sense and have worked.

I'm not surprised that Cassie and Miranda joined forces (as much as they did) because I felt like this show was too smart to keep them enemies. I liked the conflict between Cassie and Annie and how it was resolved.

Is there really only one more episode? I hope we get a second season even if this mystery is resolved. I'm having too much fun to let this show go. (The Mandalorian is also ending next week so I'm facing a dark winter of no good TV to look forward to.)
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I was expecting the Annie fight to keep running until Max woke up and convinced her, so although it made the argument seem to fizzle out a bit, it was good to see her getting her own shit together.
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Agreed, this show is a great time! Cassie accidentally showing up in AA was emotionally intense for HER, but it was basically a laugh riot for ME because I had been snickering at the thought of stone-cold killer Miranda running off with someone as chaotically messy as Cassie. That would be a great alternate season! (On the other hand, Miranda wasn't stone-cold or good at killing in this episode! Felix didn't know Miranda was at the apartment -- surely that would be the best time to get the drop on him? And dropping the book, Jesus.)

I was also not surprised by Buckley/Felix's identity, since the "yeah those cats I fed turned up dead" felt like a pointedly fucked up note upon introduction. It does make it more likely that the red herring FBI agent guy is not shady, just an idiot.

They must have more (seasons) hoped/planned, otherwise the Rosie Perez storyline was a real waste of time? It hasn't really intersected with Cassie's troubles yet.
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Miranda: "oh my god You really are just a flight attendant, aren't you? .. Wooow, we are SoFucked!"
Cassie: "What?"
Miranda: "So Fucked!"


But that Miranda is willing to team up with Cassie and (mostly) levels with her shows that there's a certain level of respect for her, despite her other apparent failings. Also a certain level of desperation. But Miranda was completely fooled and really thought that Cassie was more than she was (doggedly drunkenly actively looking for disaster).

grandiloquiet - shades of 'Killing Eve' in reverse? (if you haven't seen, worth checking out)
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edencosmi - I feel the same way re: Mando ending; 'Warrior' s2/ series finale was last week (it's on HBO Max like this is - its based on Bruce Lee's fictional writing about the various Chinese Tongs, Chinese independents, the Irish, former Confeds, corrupt police and politicians in San Fransisco in the 1800s. There are good story arcs and really great fight scenes.)

Have you been watching 'The Expanse'? Season 5 opens Dec 16. There's the promising 'Beyond the Wire' premiering Jan 15.

The final half season of the series ending for 'Vikings' on Dec 30, but I'll be hate-watching it more than anything.
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If you haven't watched, but liked this, 'Killing Eve' definitely.
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There've been a few moments in the series so far where I've thought of Killing Eve. Mostly to imagine a Villanelle/Miranda showdown (in all versions, Villanelle DESTROYS her, but that's beside the point). I have been loving the level of emotional maturity demonstrated by so many characters in this, but especially Annie. Looking forward to either a wrap-up or a big fucking twist in the next episode.
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I loved the first season of Killing Eve, but got spooked by the negative reviews of the second season. I'm ice-cold when it comes to abandoning shows, and do it the instant I feel like I'm complaining about them more than enjoying them. S1 Villanelle versus Miranda? I don't know. This episode suggests Miranda is a lot less competent and vicious than the audience previously assumed. Miranda also seems a lot less crazy than Villanelle. That might be a drawback during a violent confrontation, but if Miranda had advance warning that she was on Villanelle's kill list I'm sure she'd go after her first...hmm. Next episode's plan to attack Felix/Buckley (if it happens) might be a decent stand-in for a Miranda/Villanelle fight.
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