Strongest Deliveryman: Strongest Deliveryman (Choigangbaedalkkun) - Full Season
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Two gutsy food delivery workers strive to overcome their socioeconomic disadvantages to achieve big goals -- and bump into love along the way. (Netflix, KBS2 Korea)

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"Overall, though, this was a sweetly satisfying show that continually took me by surprise by how much I fell in love with the characters each week. When I look back at my initial reactions (Jin-gyu is a chaebol jerk; Yoon-ji a ditzy heiress; the lack of chemistry between Dan-ah and Kang-soo), I want to laugh at how swiftly and completely I was able to change my opinions.

I suppose it just goes to show what a marvelous job everyone did. This wasn’t a complex show by any means — the themes were simple, and the plot chugged on without any major dramatic setbacks (or, at least, without setbacks that weren’t easily resolved within an episode or two). There was a comforting, homey feeling about it all, like someone took a weekend family drama and truncated it down to sixteen episodes, removing any sprawling extended families and replacing it with lost, independent souls who found a family in each other.

The heart of this show was, well, its heart. Even though it dealt with some serious themes, such as suicide and the struggle of making a living in a society that forever wants to keep you down, there was always a nugget of hope. Most of that came from Kang-soo and his irrepressible (and sometimes infuriating) goodness, but it was lovely to see it spread to everyone else. The idealism in this show may seem unrealistic, but it’s also, in a way, reassuring — kindness triumphing over greed is a reminder that there is good (and good people) in the world, even when this world may seem like hell."
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Really loved this one. Lead actor Go Kyung Pyo is as cute as basket of puppies. The second-lead romance went pretty far overboard in wackiness (in that kind of "it's funny because she's a girl!" way where it stops being funny because, no, it's still creepy), but Kim Seon Ho has such good comedic chops on top of how good he is at crying scenes, and the second-lead heroine was so all-in on her runaway-heiress relentless optimism, they won me over by the end.
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Awwww, I loved this show. (Obviously, heh.)

This was the first time I saw Kim Seon-ho, and even though I've not been able to get into any of his other shows (I still need to watch Chief Kim, though!), I'm happy that he's getting the recognition he (and his dimples) deserve. However, he's a major reason why I've kept up with the newest season of the variety show, 1 Night 2 Days -- but maybe one day he'll have another drama that will captivate me beyond the first episode.
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Oh, I forgot that was your recapper name, ha! Great job, as usual.

I think this is only the second show I've seen Kim Seon-ho in, the first being Start-Up, which wasn't ultimately great, but it definitely had its moments, many of which were his. Him being second-lead in Strongest Deliveryman was a major reason I picked it for my next binge (the other & main reason was wanting to see Go Kyung Pyo in something lighter than Chicago Typewriter).
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I enjoyed this.

I struggled with the corporate competition storyline - failing businesses make me feel ill, but the characters were delightful and the food excellent. I have plans to try and make handpulled noodles. Can't access 1N2D in Australia, frustratingly, the youtube clips I've seen look hilarious.
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