Five Bedrooms: Season One
January 1, 2021 2:21 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Tired of their perpetual single status, five friends at very different stages of their lives make the bold decision to pool their funds and buy a house together.

An Australian comedy/drama available stewing in the US on Peacock.
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"Stewing" in the US? Thanks for nothing, autocorrect.

Anyway, this is funny, with characters given a bit room more to breathe than you usually see. Heather, in particular, is a delight. The pivot to dump the will they/won't they with Lachlan and Ainsley and bring cranky, wounded, fiftysomething Heather into the house was what sold us on this, a rare case of a show going off in a detour you were hoping for.

Although the plot content and character roll is very, very different, my spouse and I both were reminded of Good Girls, because of the mix of humor and drama and the way both shows have a knack for showing a human side of characters who seem mundane or repellent at first.
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Benny and Heather!!! This keeps getting better.
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See also: Peacock discussion thread on FF Talk.
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