Marco Polo: The Fourth Step
December 18, 2014 3:01 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Marco has daddy issues. The Blue Princess is back on. Jia is really cruel.

What punishment will Marco come up with for his father and uncle? It will have to be something that they will survive unless the writers have decided to chuck out their history books. I knew that Jia was going to do something horrible but it still made me cringe. How will this motivate his sister when she hears of it?
The recap I linked from the Decider is a hoot:
Our adorable idiot hero, Marco, bursts into Kokachin’s home and tells her servant dude that she is in danger. He responds by peeing in front of Marco (and revealing that he is castrated). Marco is understandably put off by this.
Go read it.
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This episode did get me shipping Jingim (who previously interested me not at all) and Ahmad, which is the most investment I've had with any characters in this series thus far. So good job there, I guess.
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I think that Blue Princess is the character I like least in this show.
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