Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE GIRL IN LOVERS LANE   Rewatch 
January 13, 2021 8:27 PM - Season 5, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Ah, rewatch! Drifting seems a fine use of your time, right? That's what a couple of guys just roaming around, Danny and Bix, think. But then they go to a town and they break the Drifter Code: they get involved with local girls. And then a pointlessly stupid tragedy occurs that makes you question why you even cared about the story in the first place. Previously. There is some Club news inside.

MST Club officially took last week off due to personal issues. (We still showed stuff unofficially, because we're crazy, but there was no post or episode that would have gone with it.)

It is continuing now, but because of a bit of burnout we're going back to Thursday shows only for the time being. Thanks for choosing MST Club for your obsessive pop cultural cowtown movie-mocking puppet show needs.
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And thank YOU for choosing US for your participatory audience needs! After doing without a decent viewing aparatus for too long, I have used a small part of my $600 whatever to acquire a CHEAP laptop that will not arrive in time for this week's presentation but almost certainly in time for next week's. How long it will survive is anybody's guess. But I will be semi-present for The Girl. Stay tooned.
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Aww foop! Thanks for being around! Anyway, here's the announce--

It's time for MST Club, our weekly viewing of bad and weird movies, and riffing, including (usually) that week's post episode, at! Currently Thursdays beginning at 7 PM Eastern time.
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Looks like Cytube is down. Is there another option?
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It had a static note for a while, but I reloaded just now and it came back for me
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We still have our backup, sync-video. It might be worth me dusting off my account there and seeing what's new.
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