The Legend of Korra: Day of the Colossus
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The penultimate episode of the Legend of Korra begins with Kuvira towering above the surrendered city of the United Republic in her giant mech suit, but not with Korra and her friends accepting the status quo. While the benders of the group do everything they can to slow down Kuvira's advancement, Asami and Varrick race to deploy two prototype flying mech suits. Meanwhile, Hiroshi Sato, Asami's father and former Equalist supporter, returns with what might be Republic City's only hope, an idea to bring down the platinum colossus. Also, Varrick asks Zhu Li to wait for him to attach something.

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haha, I tried to beat you to it, already asked the mods to delete my post.

Holding back my squees re the next episode, since you divided them up into two.

Props, Asami's dad. You did good.
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Oh man, this is what we were talking about when we were talking about how difficult it is to have a conversation about two-part episodes, because I wrote up all my responses, and they're all mostly focused on the second part and it was just a blur of fighting and adventure and beautiful things and I don't know where everything was.

So, okay, um, I can manage this. I think.

Bolin, you might just be the greatest earthbender ever. I mean, holy shit, you are bending an entire wall.

Varrick proposing was so utterly delightful and perfect. And oh my God, how adorable are they?

All of it was amazing and only a little hurt and all my tears are waiting for the next episode.
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Ok, so:
Meelo's paint balloons!
"If the prison's still standing after this, he can go back there."
Lots of comic relief in the train station. "I'm just the conductor, I don't need to be on the bench."
What was Zhu Li's ring made of?

Mild criticism: I kept going "Dammit Korra, why don't you Avatar State that robot????" and I'm not sure the series really answered that. I know the final episode was satisfying, but on the other hand, I kind of felt like Su; stop letting this thing run rampant, use that unlimited Avatar power and do something!

In the last finale, the team had to do without her because she was captured. In the A:TLA finale, Aang was busy with the firelord so the rest of the Gaang had to take out the airships.

That wasn't the case here, so it was a little less plausible for her to be so reliant on her team/holding back on her power. If the series hadn't been so rushed, maybe they could have come up with a better plot solution.
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I kindof wonder if Korra and perhaps the Avatar in general hasn't been perma-nerfed since the end of Book 2. The bonuses of the avatar state used to be explained as all the Avatar's past lives focusing knowledge and energy through the present, that connection is gone, and Raava seems like a more measured power-up. Korra's fight with the Red Lotus was the closest thing we've seen to anything like Aang unleashed in the ATLA finale, and while that was a lot of power, there's been no sense of unstoppableness.
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Here's the usual extended thoughts on the episode, as linked above.

That wasn't the case here, so it was a little less plausible for her to be so reliant on her team/holding back on her power. If the series hadn't been so rushed, maybe they could have come up with a better plot solution.

She did go into the Avatar state a couple times, but I think the question is what should she have done in the Avatar State. Could she have cooked Kuvira alive inside with a massive flame? Could she have made on massive enough without Sozin's Comet to help? I expect when she used the river water, she may have been in the Avatar state then.

Weston's suggestion makes sense.

This episode was so full of goodness and sadness, yeowch!

Now I need to work on The Last Stand...
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What was Zhu Li's ring made of?

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Well canonically, isn't the Avatar state exhausting?
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Finally got around to a few frame composition observations!
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