Psycho Goreman (2020)
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After unearthing a gem that controls an evil monster looking to destroy the Universe, a young girl and her brother use it to make him do their bidding. (Trailer)

This film is an absolute wonder, rollickingly hilarious with a heart firmly clutched in the scaly claw of classic rubber-monster horror of the 80s and 90s. Like The Guyver by way of The Gate, as produced by GWAR. Discovered via Thought Slime's alter ego, Scaredy Matt.
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I love this movie so much and have been using the phrase, "hunky boys," since I watched it last weekend. This movie was friggin' beautiful!

Make sure you stay through the credits for an 80s/90s-style rap that explains the plot of the movie.
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It's a delightful film that I thought had the spirit of a meaner, gorier Power Rangers. It's a Gremlins level, "kind of a kids movie but uh...pretty high levels of melting grossness".
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I really enjoyed this movie. The little girl is so annoying! But that's part of what makes it work.
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Any word on when this will hit Shudder? I'm loathe to pay for it and then have it turn up free within a week or two on a streaming service to which I already subscribe.
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Gonna be a few months at least, I think; folks are currently selling limited ultimate edition pre-orders for $40. Seems it's not going to be the usual direct-to-streamer scenario. If it was my film, I'd be saving it for spring drive-in season and pushing hard for that ticket money before the streaming route.
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Looks like a hoot, for sure.
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Oh, woops, it's a $6.99 rental right now. My bad.
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It's definitely worth a watch. I'm still trying to figure out the walking-body-part-vat former henchman.
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I think this movie definitely is designed to work most efficiently if you were in some way a young person during about 1988-1997, and in particular if you were a fan of Heavy Metal comics/cartoon and GWAR and other such entities.

It is a marvel of construction, however. Not a single gun from Act I goes unfired in Act III, nearly every line Psycho Goreman has is solid gold, and the surreal Lynchean dynamics of the "normal" family life scenes I think gave me an aneurysm. Every actor involved is having approximately 12% too much fun and if you can appreciate that, you will enjoy this film.
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Oh this was a lot of fun. I saw it because of the RLM review which also points out Rich Evans is the voice of the body part vat.

It reminded me of the evil He-Man segment from ABCs of Death 2 and whaddya know it's the same director.

This is a lot of fun. Sometimes strained but it gets back into the funny zone pretty quick. What I think I loved most were PG's flashbacks when he'd start telling stories.. So much great design work getting dropped like they were nothing. I fucking love the council member guy who is a brain with googly eyes and nose tubes inside a tube of glass.
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My wife (Kitteh) and I just watched it tonight -- we tried watching MAD GOD on Shudder, got about 30 minutes in and just couldn't handle its relentlessness, and on a dimly remembered recommendation decided to watch this (also on Shudder) instead. It is the heckin' best.

I don't think we entirely stopped laughing at any point from the first mention of "hunky boys" on to the end; we are definitely in the right age bracket (I was 15 in the early '80s, didn't subscribe to but read Fangoria when I could get my hands on it, was a GWAR fan, etc.). A little too old for Power Rangers but still appreciating the aesthetic (and work!) behind all the costuming.

Good lord did this hit us just right with the comedy beats. My wife literally fell out of her chair during the bathroom scene with PG's head bursting into existence and screaming for no reason before giving increasingly specific directions. The story of the van with the baseball cards. The meticulously set up sequences of throwaway gags that become callbacks. The credits sequence with Allister at the dining room table. The "rap the plot" hip-hop track. Just solid gold from start to finish.

Which... I saw and didn't really care for The Void, where I felt like the reach exceeded the grasp by a wiiiide margin. Same writer/director, and usually if somebody hits me with comedy they can also hit me with horror -- Jordan Peele, obviously, but also the horror vibes of the League of Gentlemen -- but somehow this really got me in a way that didn't.
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