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Winter has fallen on the South Pole. The sun will soon disappear for the next six months. A small team, known as the Winterers, will remain at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station to continue their innovative research, a crucial part in the fight against climate change, under the command of renowned biologist Arthur Wilde (John Lynch). But when spring comes, summer commander Johan Berg (Alexander Willaume) returns to the station only to find the entire team are either dead or missing.

A Spanish-made limited series in English (with some Danish, Dutch, and Japanese) streaming in the US on HBO Max.
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I'm about halfway through and this is pretty good. Watchable fun stuff. I'm leery of going too far into its influences because they're going to make it sound amazing when really, it's good but not at all great. If I say it recalls The Thing + Scandinavian murder mystery + Rashomon, it's going to sound badass. And it's... not. It is what it is: an international HBO show that will not make you feel stupid for giving it five hours.
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I finished this on my rainy Friday off. I was super excited for it because I love Alvaro Morte from Money Heist. He didn't really figure into it as much as I'd hoped, but I was engaged for the full six episodes. I guess I was hoping for a more exciting answer to the story. The ultimate reveal was telegraphed pretty clearly in the last few episodes, although I think if I went back and actually analyzed what happened, it would stand up to deeper thinking. The performances were good though.

One gripe about a production that otherwise had decent values. The outdoor scenes looked awful. The lighting, the backgrounds. It all looked so badly faked.
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Boyfriend and I were griping a lot about set decoration and outdoor scenes and plot holes, but we watched the whole thing. I think John Lynch's eyebrows hypnotized us.
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